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Healthy Recipes Thread

Hey all! Just thought I would start a thready here of healthy recipes! Any ideas please add on! :)

Sweet and sour chicken:

1 heaped handful of brown rice/pasta
1 chicken breast diced
chicken stock cube
red, green, yellow peppers chopped
Half an onion chopped
Cubed pineapple
2 tblspoon chopped tomato

- Boil rice for approx 30mins for brown rice
- Stir fry chicken in non-stick pan with water and chicken stock cube for approx 15mins
- Add in onions and peppers when chicken lightly browned, cook for 5mins
- Add in pineapple and tomatoes, cook for further 5mins until the sauce is the right consistancy
- Serve on top of brown rice/pasta

MMM yum! :D
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Tuna pasta bake

1 tuna steak
1/4 packet colemans tuna pasta bake powder
Mixed peppers (diced)
Half an onion (diced)
30g wholemeal pasta with 1 ham stock cube
Sprinkle low fat cheese (optional if you are feeling naughty or good! lol)

- Boil pasta and stock for approx 10mins
- Fry tuna in water, adding the peppers, onion and powder mix. Turn tuna occassionaly for approx 10mins
- When done, mash up tuna in pan and mix together
- Drain out pasta and add in the tuna mix.
- Serve with side salad

*If I had an oven I would then put it into a casserole dish and sprinkle some low fat cheese on top and bake a little :rolleyes:
Yum thanks for that, i'm going to be experimenting with some recipes from tomorrow so i'll post any sucessful ones here.
Good idea honey! It would be really good to share our recipes :) xx
Chargrilled piri piri chicken and homemade chips

1x chicken breast
chicken stock cube
sprinkle piri piri spices (schwartz)
mixed peppers diced
onion diced
1x jacket potato

- Cut off all fat on the chicken breast, fry in water and chicken stock for approx 10mins, turning occassionally, sprinkle a little piri piri spices on each side when turning
- Halfway through add in the peppers and onion
- Slice jacket potato into wedges and put into a microwaveable dish adding a sprinkle of piri piri spices to taste add a little water, cook for approx 8mins chicking occassionally (the wedges will go crispy so keep checking so they don't burn)
- Serve chargrilled chicken and chips with a side salad ingredients of your choice and bulk out the plate

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