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Healthy Weight for someone who is 5 ft


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I've been showing my friends some of the SW books with regards to target weights and they are a bit surprised about the yellow zone weights (they think that they are not realistic). I'm just wondering what weight I should aim for as a target. I have my mini goals, but not sure about what the long term goal should be for someone who is 5 ft tall (yes I'm a short one)!

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I am 5ft 3 and set my target to 9 stones 7 pounds - any more and I don't think I would look to healthy

I am the same height and set my target to the same as yours. I am 2.5 pounds below that now and am debating whether to re-target at 9 stone or keep it as it is.


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I'm about 5' 1" on a very good day and have set my weight for 9 stone which takes me just into healthy BMI allowing for the 3 pounds they give for fluctuations when at target x


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Im 5ft 2.5 (don't forget the .5!!...lol)
My target is again 9st 7 but again once i'm there i think i want to get to 9st only as it will allow for a 7lb fluctuation but i'll still feel happy :)


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I'm 5'2" and I'm now 9st 7lb and feel very good at this weight. I've never set a final target but to be honest I think this is a good weight for me and I'm thinking of calling it my target.


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Gosh I think I'm the shortest on this forum :)
Thanks for the NHS link and will check that out.

Another question: How does the Consultant know when you meet your target, do you have to set this early on?
I'm 11 st 7lbs and ahve set my height for 6 foot 7 inches!!!


As Garfield says - I'm not overweight, I'm undertall!

(google garfield undertall for a picture - I don't want to post one here because of copyright issues)

I definitely should be at least nine feet tall!


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How does the Consultant know when you meet your target, do you have to set this early on?

You don't have to set your target until you are ready to do so. When you do decide, and tell your Consultant she will make a note of it. You can change it if you wish.
Only you decide what target you want to be, and anything is acceptable as long as you not below the healthy BMI.


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Gosh I think I'm the shortest on this forum :)
Thanks for the NHS link and will check that out.

Another question: How does the Consultant know when you meet your target, do you have to set this early on?
No you're not Meli;) I'm the same height as you, 5ft nothing!

At present I am 8stone 13lbs but would like to get down to 8 stone ~ a lot of my friends and family can't understand why I am dieting but when you are this small every pound on shows. I was always happy around 8 stone and am hoping that I can maintain WHEN I get there!

Good luck hun :D xx


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I'm 5 3 & my target is 10 stone 5. My boobs are big & I don't look right skinny.

It really does depend on the person & face shape too :)



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im 5'4 and ive been what the book says ...8 and half stone, i looked like a child, not a sexy woman, my perfect size for me is 10 stone, and size 10, my goal for the summer...roll on the summer..


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hi there, i am also 5ft nothing and i have at present set my target at 8st 6lbs. I have a meduim frame and when i got down to 9st 4lbs at the tender age of 19 i still need a few more pounds off to fit in a perfect size 10 x hope this helps x


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I'm 5'1" and I want to get back down to the weight I was when I was 30 before I had kids. I was about 8 and a half stone then and I know it's a good weight for me. I had actually spent years trying to lose several pounds then but never managed it. When I get to that weight I'll see how I feel and perhaps go a bit lower.

My sister is 5' and she has lost loads of weight dieting on her own and lots of exercise. She's about 7 and a half stone and looks great. She has a small frame and now looks very slim but not too skinny. She's quite close to the lowest BMI for her height but doesn't look ill at all.

For me it's very important to get to a healthy BMI, irrespective of how I look as my mum died from a heart attack at only 51 and my dad also died from heart disease. 8 and a half stone will put me in about the middle of the healthy BMI range for my height and I'll be really happy with that. I'm just hoping that my face won't sag too much with the weight loss but it's more important for me to be healthy. Thankfully I seem to have lost most of my weight from my face, arms and legs already and the bulk of it is on my tummy. I dread to think what my tummy will look like when I lose all my weight, but at least I will be able to cover it up and never wear a bikini.

However, I think you have to settle on a weight that is comfortable for you. The healthy BMI weight range seems a bit ludicrous for some people and so it's probably best to just use it as a guide and go by how you feel.

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What is obvious from reading this thread is there isn't an ideal target weight for your height it's all down to personal preference.

I'm 5ft 2 & set my target at 8st 9lb, as you can see I've just got 3lbs to go. But just recently my family have said how slim I'm looking & I really don't need to lose any more weight. But I really do want to lose the extra 3.

Why don't you set a target of say 1stone loss then see how you feel & just keep adjusting it until you feel good & happy with yourself.