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Healthy weight lose?

At the start of this year I was 19st 1 pound and went on a half hearted diet and got down to 18st 11 pounds after 2 months.. so last month I started again and by this time I was 18st 3 pounds (don't know how I got the 8 pounds off I wasn't trying) and since I started that diet last month I am now down to 17st 1 pound and I am continuing to lose weight.

I lose about 2-3 pounds a week so that is almost a stone a month - is this weight loss healthy?
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Yes, that sounds good:cool:

They say aim for 1-2lbs a week, but if you have a fair amount to lose, it does come off a little quicker for a while.

You're doing fab :clap:


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So if you had 4 stone to lose then it should only take 4 months, whats the chance in that happening? Anyone know??, i've got 4st to lose and i always imagine it wld take ages but i suppose 4 months isnt that long!!


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i think the way it goes is that you lose faster when you start and as you progress the weight is a bit harder to get off. (Unfortunately....) And as for healthy weight loss, i'm not a doctor or anything Sphere but I think I recall being told at weight watchers that around 2-3 lb a week is perfectly healthy. I think the most i've lost in a week is around 6lbs when I was at my heaviest - the weight naturally comes off faster the more weight you have to lose as pointed out by Lisa. Good luck and nice work! :)


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It will slow down and sometimes life gets in the way of weight loss. I had one very bad year and ended the year heavier than when I started. Don't put a strict time limit on yourself, just keep doing what you are doing and enjoy the results!
Wow, doing really great job, just keep it up.
I do only 5 hrs exercise in a week and take nutritious food and this helps me to keep myself fit and fine.
Thanks for the great replies!

Its funny people say that the slimmer you get that the weightlose slows but mine seems to be picking up without altering the diet. I am actually going on holiday tomorrow in which I will be tempted to pig out but hopefully I have enough willpower at this point to just say NO! lol ;)


8 t whole wheel of cheese
S: 13st9lb C: 13st6lb G: 11st9lb BMI: 27 Loss: 0st3lb(1.57%)
wish my weightloss was like yours and picked up the further i got into it lol!!
I had four stone to lose. I have so far lost two stone in two and a half months. The weight loss is slowing down a bit. The only week I didn't lose, I was ill. I upped my food intake on purpose for that week and stayed the same, I didn't put weight on. I would consider it unrealistic for me to lose four stone in four months. I hope to lose another stone in the next two months before I go on holiday.


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Hiya Sphere
Yea that sounds just right. 2/3 per week is what I'm aiming for on a healthy eating diet. I know there will be times when it will be difficult and that at some stage I will plateau for several weeks but enjoy the drop of the digits while they're going down.
Well done and good luck :)
Gem x
I find that as well as eating healthy, exercise is key to me losing more weight. I'm really into swimming so there's this Aspire Channel Swim thing I'm thinking of doing. 22 miles in 12 weeks so at least I'll be committed for a good length of time! Has any one else tried it? Its from September - December and you raise money too. If anyone has do you have any tips?

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