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Heartage calculator = sales advert

The Flora Heartage test seems to me to be nothing more than a ruse to sell Flora.
I did the test a few times entering differing variables and it always came up with an age at least 12 years older than my actual age.
To me it's... as I stated above. Wanted to put bullshit but it may be moderated and removed... :flirt2:
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I will succeed!!!
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Not seen this but it wouldn't surprise me. Why else would they create a tool to test heart age unless it benefitted them? I use Flora Extra Light already so they already get my £££s, but that's only because it's the lowest syns marg hehe x
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Did you see the Dispatches on Channel 4 last night? It was about what's REALLY in your cereals and it touched on Flora and so called healthy spreads and how they pay huge donations to heart healthy charities to display the logos on their product. Ver interesting and you can watch it on 4od online.


Nojo on the YoYo
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What was your first clue that the FLORA Healthy Heart Age test was an advertising tool for Flora?

All products do this. You may or may not be surprised to learn that Weight Watchers is actually OWNED by Heinz. Which is why all their foods are Heinz foods and why all their mags and literature promote Heinz products.

How much do you think the likes of Muller and Frylight pay Slimming World to promote their products as 'Free'? I bet it's more than pocket change and none of them will be doing it out of the goodness of their hearts, pardon the pun.

Not rocket science, just marketing.


Slow but sure....
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I did that heart age thingy, and it was so high I should be dead!!!

It certainly is just an advertising ploy, after all Flora know we are all vunerable when it come's to our health and especially our weight...
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i have taped it and will be watching the despatches program. my mum always used to use flora i think it tastes horrid


Nojo on the YoYo
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I miss Gold Lightest. Whatever happened to that? Whatever happened to Gold spread in general for that matter?
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gold lightest was nice, v nice probably too nice hence why i have a big tum!!!
Lol at Vixxster's post, very funny indeedy!!

I've just taken the test, I'm 3 yrs older but cos my cholesterol is at the recommended max of 5. Diet can't lower it (according to my doctor) but apparently Flora can.

Go figure!!
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What a laugh that test is. Apparently I have high cholesterol (no!), high BP (no) and the only thing that can save me is a Flora spread - wahey, tell my GP :p;):p

Oh, and a heart age of 60 or so - I've just turned 40 so a spread ain't gonna help anytime soon is it :eek:

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