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Hearts out to OZ

YEah, tell me about it. We get that in California - wildfires every year....mass devestation - fortuntely not so much loss of human life as this, but loss of animal life - all cause some idot wanted their jollies. And yes, we even had one last year that a fire reanger lit themselves, just so they could put it out and be a hero - but oit went horrible horribly wrong and became an out of control fire that burned for days and days. Muppet.

I hate fires - I get very upset by them

Year before last - I lost my very first childhood friend and her mom in a housefire. It's just awful to know what someone you loved would have gone through.

Seeing the emotion of the people on the news was so sad.

I hope there are no more fatalities discovered. :(
Sorry to hear about your friend and her mum BL. That's awful.
Thanks LS. I must admit, it hit me very very hard and I still have very dark times when I think about them :(. I have never lost anyone in such horrific circumstances. I would like to think they did not suffer, and that smoke inhalation overtook them, but unfortunatly I do not think that is the case - they were both found on the floor, near a window - and the fire consumed the half of a house very quickly. Horrible. :(

The very very VERY sad thing is, they found all the smoke detectors in the house in the kitchen on the counter with fresh batteries next to them.

It is incidents like this, that realllllly drive home perspective. And that is - don't sweat the small stuff - and most stuff is small.

Thanks hon

Oh BL I'm so so sorry to hear that. Hugs to you, I can understand how it's so difficult to hear about the oz fires now.
Oh no, that's terrible BL my thoughts are with you.

Stupid people they ought to reintroduce capital punishment for those that cause death by their own reckless actions.
aw thanks guys - I'm OK really - it was just seeing the people on the news reminded me. BUt I'm not dwelling now. Just remembering my friends.

I have never understood what thrill someone gets from lighting fires. But then again - I don;t understand a lot of what mankind does.


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