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Discussion in 'Weight Loss Diaries' started by Perpleo, 28 January 2013 Social URL.

  1. Perpleo

    Perpleo Full Member

    i dont really know how to start this

    im Heather, 23 from Belfast
    (sounds like a dating profile lol )

    i work in a call centre, very boring

    i also like to dye my hair, been brown all my life and last year decided i would try manys a colour, now i am blonde- for now

    i like to be crafty - i sew and crochet gifts for people, i have made little dolls and random stuff, right now am making a gryphon for my bf he is a big nerd

    i am also a nail polish addict so i may bombard this with nails of the day =]

    at my highest i was 17st 12lbs, then i lost around 3 stone and i started to relax my eating habits and now its a new year so a new me
    got my hair cut which i hate getting done, started healthy eating and calorie counting and now my mum is doing it with me too so we are having lots of fun experimenting with healthy recipes
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  3. sapphirestara

    sapphirestara Gold Member

  4. sapphirestara

    sapphirestara Gold Member

    Please share your recipes! I'd really appreciate it!!!

    And nails too... I've only just managed to grow my own!! And I'm loving experimenting with them!! Xxx
  5. Perpleo

    Perpleo Full Member

    the two recipes i have used in the past two nights i found on youtube from a gerl called plus size model in the making
    they were homemade baked burgers and oven fried chicken using cornflakes as the breadcrumbs
    reallly tastyy

    and my latest nails- purple ombre.jpg
  6. sapphirestara

    sapphirestara Gold Member

    I have done the chicken before - it is lush!!!!! Xx
  7. sapphirestara

    sapphirestara Gold Member

    Tell me how you did those nails! They are graduated right? X
  8. Perpleo

    Perpleo Full Member

    Yea they are a silver to purple ombre. I used silver polish first on all of my nail then I got 2 shades of purple and then a makeup wedge spongee thing and put some nail polish on a piece of cardboard and dipped the spongee in it and then dabbed it on the tips.

    Hope that helped. Sooo many vids on youtube if you need a visual
  9. mybodyisacage

    mybodyisacage Silver Member

    YAYA, hello Heather! I am also a frequent hair dyer and have been pretty much every colour!

    Loving the ombre!

    I think I could actually do this, Im just a bit scared!

    Im so glad you started a diary :)

  10. Perpleo

    Perpleo Full Member

    Its really easy once you get the hang of it just make sure the colour you put on all your nails is completely dry before sponging on other polish

    I'm happy I started one too =] glad you like it. You'll probly get sick of me though =p
  11. sapphirestara

    sapphirestara Gold Member

    No way!! X
  12. Perpleo

    Perpleo Full Member

    troubles/protests in my area meant i had to go a different route on my bus and walk up home in the rain :(
    the one day ive straightened my hair
    but silver lining i got some exercise - about a mile walk and it wasnt that rainy :D

    meeting my bf in town tomorrow for birthday lunch - going to chiquitos for mexican food
    panicking as i dont have his present made ughh
    only one more wing to crochet

    and glad you wont get sick of me :D
  13. sapphirestara

    sapphirestara Gold Member

    What riots chick?

    Also..... Wing?! I need pics!!!!
  14. mybodyisacage

    mybodyisacage Silver Member

    heh its like a rule you get stuck in rain when you have made an effort! allllllways happens to me!

    mmmmm I love mexican!!

    yeh heather lives in belfast doesnt she!
  15. sapphirestara

    sapphirestara Gold Member

    I am special. And ill!
  16. Perpleo

    Perpleo Full Member

    I do live in belfast lol well jus outside it.
    They have removed the union flag from belfast city hall and people aren't too happy to say the least but nothing was happening last night so the bus shouldve gone to my stop as usual stupid over cautious bus ppl

    The mexican was gooood. Got a chorizo and sweetcorn wrap thing really nice

    And I made my bf a gryphon from world of warcraft for his bday which is tomorrow so shall take photos tomorrow possibly

    And it always is when I've straightened my hair it rains its like the weather knows when I'm going to do it
  17. sapphirestara

    sapphirestara Gold Member

    You Re the most awesome girlfriend!!
  18. Perpleo

    Perpleo Full Member

    i am lol
    sorry i have been mia for the past few days
    down at my bf's house and it was his bday so we celebrated that
    plus his internet is rubbish lol

    he loves his pressie and we called him Caecilius just because

    his bday pressie:

    148744_10151304423473612_228793070_n.jpg 535405_10151304416608612_250333571_n.jpg 543958_10151304417428612_1751731992_n.jpg

    and his mum made him a cake- i made the bear on the top

    bear cake.jpg
  19. sapphirestara

    sapphirestara Gold Member

    I bet he loved it!!
  20. Perpleo

    Perpleo Full Member

  21. Perpleo

    Perpleo Full Member

    finally home from the bfs
    and my microwaves broke ughh thats annoying
    possibly gunna have to buy a new one tomorrows

    had tuna wrap for dinner and needed a sugar fix so i had one of those special k biscuit moments in blueberry

    work tomorrow morning which i cant be arsed going to but i have to but gunna try and go shopping after work and treat myself to some new clothes

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