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Helen's Weight Loss Diary - 2009


One of the members in one of the other threads mentioned that keeping a diary and writing things down helps with dieting, so I thought I'd give it a go.

My husband and I have both started the Slimming World diet, although we have not joined a club, just doing it off our own backs (we bought the books off Ebay). We both have a bit to lose, although I made a start last year by losing just under two stone.

Today didn't go so well - I wasn't planning on starting today, but the books came through the post this morning, so I thought I may as well get on with it. Well, that was after breakfast...luckily I'd just had a boiled egg which I was relieved to find was free. What depressed me was the syns value in a glass of fresh orange juice! And I couldn't help the sneaky biscuit I had mid-afternoon!

Here's to a better day tomorrow...

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Today's a better day!


Well, it seems I might've got my syns mixed up yesterday - according to the Slimming World calculator, my morning orange juice wasn't astronomically filled with syns as I originally thought. Still, it seemed like a waste of syns, so this morning, along with my boiled egg, I had a cup of tea with just a dash of milk from my healthy extras.

I feel really pleased today as food has been far from my mind all day - probably because I was back at work and kept busy. I had an apple midmorning, and a sandwich filled with low fat sandwich filling and a bag of yummy smoky bacon Limbos for lunch. If you haven't tried them I seriously suggest you do. The bag is filled and they are so tasty, unlike some other low fat/low cal crisps. I also had a fromage frais, and a piece of cheese from my healthy extras.

Evening is my worst time for food. I get home from work maybe two or three hours before my husband, and am constantly snacking before tea. However, I've just had a ten calorie soup, at 1/2 a syn, which seems to have satisfied my food cravings! For tea I am doing lean steak, SW chips, and petit pois. I may even treat myself to a Skinny Cow lolly for afters!

After trying so many diets in the past and failing, perhaps I'm finally on track!



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You're doing great.
Evenings are worse for me too. I'm in the habit of having a large meal on an evening - which used to be a takeaway - so now I really look forward to having a meal that I'm going to really enjoy. I wish I had some steak in cos now I want some lol

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