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Hello, Big Guy has to lose all weight by wedding in December!!

Hey all!

I have just started calorie counting, with some success so far. I'm finding it really hard and the only thing holding me back from nipping out to the chippie is wanting to look good for my gorgeous girl on our wedding day in December!

Never been ona site like this before, but it seems like its helping a lot of people.

I'm having 1500 calories a day and just trying to cut out all the junk.:wave_cry:
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Hey, you're doing really well!

So do you think i have a chance of getting all the weight off by December?

How much do people generally lose per week?

I'm crap at this, sure tesco think im a shop lifter, just keep picking up food and staring at it looking for the calories. Left yesterday with 5 items for the week! Need to sort that out me thinks!!!

I think that if you stick to it and increase your exercise you should be able to lose quite alot of the weight.

People vary on what they lose depending on what diet they are doing, obviously people doing vlcd's will lose the most weekly but calorie counters seem to do well and being a man you have an advantage as they lose weight quicker than women! the average is about 2lbs a week


will try harder !!
well done for starting, thats the hardest thing, I'm on week two and finding this to be a great place for support and motivation - good luck, you've got a good goal to aim for
Thanks Natty, that helps..

Why cant diets be so clear like you have just been, so I'm aimin for 2 pounds a week , and if I get my backside to the gym maybe a bit more.. Glad theres a benefit being a chap, as all of this diet stuff is really hard to get me head around and I did for a sec think about joining weight watchers meeting but being the only chap would be a bit much!

Ta love
thats ok, check because there are a few men that go to ww or slimming world or you can join the plans online so that you get all the info and support but you don't have to go to weekly meetings :)
Ta Kazki,

Youre another doin well, it really is the hub of weightloss here!

Yep, used to have a good bod, but since settling dowm have got used to my other halfs cooking. She is a great girl and I want to look good for her as I know this is the biggest day of her life and shes been planning everything for nearly 2 years, its costin nearly 40 grand and I dont want to be the one imperfection of the day.. the fat bloater next to my gorgeous girl.


i will be slim
Hi callum!

i think it depends on how much you gotta lose and wot diet your on.

i do slimming world i started about 9 weeks ago and ive lost 2st 6.5 lbs

i think men do lose weight quick then women so youll be alright then lol

how much in total do u want to lose hun?

in total i had 13stone!!:eek:

got another 10st 9.5 pounds to go my goal is september 2011.

good luck hun i hope you do it!!

Well, i hope so, dont really know the details, but am not fancying going to be measured for the fancy outfit she has planned for me . Think I will look like the fat controller from Thomas the Tank engine. Cant have that lol!

Wish there was something I could do to make the weight go really quickly, anybody know about the Oxford or Cambridge diet. A girl at work was doing it I think and she seemed to shirink really quickly...
Tanny good on ya girl,

Thats some weight shifted, you have to keep that up as its such a huge achievement. I got 6 stone to shift, and HAVE to do it. So Slimming world is good then?

Good luck love

I have been calorie counting for 26 weeks and have lost 4st 7lbs so averages at just under 2.5lbs a week. I don't do a huge amount of exercise, just 1 hour a week at aquafit and maybe 6 hours a week walking. I do occasionally replace meals with slim fast shakes usually cause i can't think of nice thinks to make within my calorie allowance lol and i do like to eat the majority of my calories for dinner round a table with my hubby and kids.

You should be able to shift a good amount of weight before December if you stay motivated and you have the best reason in the world to stay motivated :)

Good Luck


will try harder !!
I'm doing the Cambridge Diet, but am far far from an expert - I lost 14.4 lbs and 10 inches in week one - It works by being very low cal and is low carb too


i will be slim
cheers hun!!

slimming world is good if you like your food like me.

you can fill up on so much free foods etc and then still have syns(as they call them to have something a bit sweeter or maybe a lager or wine etc

what plans have u tried?

6 stone and you want that by december it could be achievable hun you have just over 5 months.

in the beginging it will drop off more it did for me.
you need to aim for around 4-5 pounds a week to get there by xmas
will be challenge but you will drop it quicker as you are male plus if you did go gym etc that will up your chances.

even if you didnt lose it all before then remember you will still be a lot lighter and i think your wifey to be on the day will love you no matter what size you will be.
Tanny, your a top girl.

Thanks for that, that last few lines puts it back into perspective for me. But I have to do it for her and for me, just ready Healthy 2010 diary on another bit of the site and I realise its got to be about me to. There are some reall amazing people on this site, think its gonna replace my fantasy football forum this summer as its a much better use of my time!
Kas, bloody hell! Your all incredible!

Good idea about shakes, will get some of those as I cant be bothered sometimes sorting food out. My other half works away during the week so am trying to surprise her as she probably wont notice at first that im losing weight.

This is why i need this site your all experts on this weight loss business! I have just be havin jacket potatoes, salad, cottage cheese, tuna and thats it!


i will be slim
This forum helps me so so much when im struggling i come on here and read about everyones sucess and the pounds their lossing it really does help.

u said in one of your previous posts about being the only guy attending a slimming class i wouldnt worry in my class theres 2 men there and they love it being surrouned by so many lovely women;)

Where abouts in manchester are you from?
I'm from prestwich so not far from Bolton, know it well my best mate went to canon slade school. Used to laugh at his horrible green uniform. Crackin night out in bolton to.

Maybe I should gove a class a go, cant be such a wimp and if everyone is as nice as you lovely ladies I need to get my backside there!

Will do the same as you and keep comin on here to keep my morale up.
Ta love

I think Tanny is right, a class is a good idea as you will be given diet sheets and supported by lots of people, with the added bonus of lovely ladies fussing around you, who could resist!

Good luck and really looking forward to seeing you hit your target!

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