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Attack Hello everyone a question!!

Hello all im kelly 28 years old living with my sister.... I have been on and off diets for a year now and cant get my head around any of them.:sigh:

My cousin is starting Dukan on Tuesday and she asked me if i wanted to join her ive brought the book yesterday at Tesco's and i like what ive read so far.

The attack seems hard lol but will give it ago... Can i ask what peoples weightlosses were like on Attack??

My start weight is 12.6

any replies would be grateful hope to meet new friends soon. Kelly xx
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Attack is definitely hard, but it is short and weight loss is enough to motivate you :)

I would suggest you to go to dukan official site and give your info (if not done already), they will calculate your true weight and how many days of attack you have to do, don't overdo it, it won't do you any good in the long run..

I dropped almost a pound every day of attack but lost only a pound first week of cruise.. expect to lose 1-2 pounds a week on average, eat loads of protein and let the plan work for you..

Good luck:)
Hi Kelly, I had to do 5 days of attack but I didn't find it nearly as hard as I thought! I lost 5lbs in that time which was a great motivator. I just took "eat as much as u like" to extremes and ate LOADS so I didn't feel like I was depriving myself, I actually enjoyed pigging out without feeling guilty! Good luck, let us know how u get on x
Hi Kelly,

I started attack last Monday and had lost 5.2lbs yesterday (1lb on today, hoping its a blip ;))

Good luck and stick at it!

If I can give any advice it's, try not to think about food as anything other than fuel while on attack, I distracted myself with the Internet or tv while eating so that I don't take too much notice!

The other thing is to browse this website as often as you can, you will see every question you might have answered and every recipe you need right here.....

Let us know how you get on xxx
Hi Kelly, I lost almost 6lbs on attack which was almost half of what I wanted to lose in the first place, it's tough for a few days but if you're well prepared you'll manage and IT'S TOTALLY WORTH IT! x Best of luck!


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for those wanting to start Monday, can I just mention how important it is to be prepared, both mentally and where your shopping/cooking/menus are concerned. Even your diary might need some organising!

Check out our FAQs, and I advise getting some cooking done this weekend. You can always freeze in portions.

Good luck
I lost 9lbs on Attack, and to date have lost 20lbs, despite gaining 7lbs on holiday.

what i would recommend is that you clear your cupboards of temptation before you start.

Good luck, you will find this site excellent for motivation and advice.
The book recommends a 20 min walk daily during attack

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