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Hello everyone, about me and my issues.


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Hello everyone.

Let me tell you about myself, I am 23 years old, male and I weigh 21 Stone.

I have had weight issues all my life, I had a childhood full of bullying and bad parenting, both of which made me eat in secret, laze about the house and they made me eat more.

I moved out at 15 and I started work in an internet café and started to earn a living, I rented a room in a house, I had my friends, my weekly Tournament in the game I used to love and life was good.

Then I turned 16, I lost my job, in time I lost my room, I lost everything and I ended up on the streets, my parents done nothing and I spent 8 miserable months on the street trying to get a job, trying to save money to get a house but I just could not get the money due to having to eat out every day and I was on the lowest of the low welfare payment due to my age.

I finally got out of it and went to England, I spent 9 months in Portsmouth before I had to move as I couldn’t afford to stay so I took up an offer from a friend in London and went to live with him for 3 months.

It was during this time that I met a girl that I feel head over heels for. Within 2 months we were living together and happy, we were both unemployed due to the recession that had started and living at her parents second home but we were happy, then she got pregnant.

She decided to have an abortion which, at the time I didn’t understand why (I later found out I was sterile since childhood so it made more sense later on) however that choice made us both spiral into a depression and a while later we broke up.
I met another girl a few months later and started living (at first) as a housemate but we started to get to know each other, we fell in love and we moved out of the house and into a 1 bedroom flat, I found a job in a local warehouse and life was good.

3 Months after I started the job the company went into liquidation, no one kept their job and I was unemployed for the next year, I started pilling on the pounds due to a mixture of the depression I had sunk into, eating crap and playing world of warcraft, this ended up me losing my life completely and my Ex broke up with me.

That was 1 year ago, since then I have been unemployed and living on absolutely nothing, living on nothing but rice, beans, pasta and bread for ages and no sign of a job, I have no money, no way of getting any and my life is on a standstill.

I cannot do any more than I am currently doing with regards to work however I want to do something about me, as I said I am 21 stone, I live on my own in a decent enough bedsit with a small area free and I want to start losing weight and finally be happy with myself.

I want to join a gym so badly but because I have to live off my job seekers I cannot (I have £1.70 free each month which I put aside to go see a movie once every 3 months but the local gym membership is £22 monthly or £250 in one payment for a year which I cannot afford but really wish I could) so I am looking for ways to motivate myself or if anyone has ANY spare home exercise equipment to please let me know (I am based in Coventry in the UK)

I would also like to hear other people’s stories.

Thank you for reading.
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