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hello everyone, new member, day one of liptrim and sooo hungry

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:p:p hello everyone, well after trying xenical(didn't work for me) and all the other fad diets i've been on i thought i'd give this one a go, its only been day one so far and i'm soooooo hungry booohooo:cry:. I suffered an ectopic pregnancy in dec just gone and have been advised to lose weight should i need to go down the ivf route. fingers crossed i can do this, i'm just so hungry at the moment i could eat almost anything.x
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Here we go again!
Welcome and good luck. Get through the first week and it gets a lot easier. Come on here for inspiration, answers or just a kick up the bum when needed cos somebody is always here for you.

You will reach your goal if you stick to this and seeing as your goal is so important to you, the best of luck. It may be hard at times but just get through those moments and the weight will drop off you!


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Hey there

I'm on Day 2, although I've been on the Diet before. I can tell you, the hunger pangs will pass, just make sure you drink plenty of water because that's what's doing it most of the time.
You'll be absolutely fine hun and as other members have already said, you'll get the support you need to keep with it. I too am wanting to try for a baby and it's another reason why I'm soooo determined to go through this diet.

Hi and welcome,

Don't worry about feeling hungry, I am only on my second week and was the same as you last week, starving but it really does get easier after the first week then you don't feel hungry. Don't get me wrong I still think about food but it is easier when the hunger isnt there. Good luck for day 2.


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Welcome and good luck chick :D
good luck you can do it when this week is over you will be fine x


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Stick it out kiddo!! .... It WILL get easier xx


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Welcome hunni, what a fab motivational reason to loose weight!!

everytime u feel down think of those babbies!!

Best of luck it gets easier

S: 17st11lb C: 17st11lb G: 11st0lb Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
thats what i'm doing lauren lol,its helping alot i must admit, well the flavoured waters all gone down the sink, i've managed to drink 1 ltr of plain water(yuk). i'll get there, well i hope i do lol. i go for my scans on the 5th march to see if i have pcos, all these these little things will just give me more reason to do this. i also go on holiday in july( this is when i'm hoping to come back with an extra suprise for people), so if i can get down at least 2 stone by july i'd still be more than happy with that, who knows, come the beginning of aug when i get back i might be posting some baby news lol,thats if i can shift this weight or at least some of it ;'(
Hi I do have PCOS so really want to loose weight, my first week was terrible actually felt like I was grieving, into week 2 now and 3 days to go til weigh in, it does get so much easier you sort of accept that you are not eating, I never drank any water before starting LT but now drink at least 3 ltrs a day...........keep going it does get easier.
S: 17st11lb C: 17st11lb G: 11st0lb Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
awwww nice to know i'm not alone, i lost the weight beofre and managed to concieve for the first time but sadly it was an ectopic pregnancy so baby had to be removed :0(. i think the weight does make a difference, it got me pregnant after years of trying, sadly the baby was just in the wrong place, if i can lose this weight again i should be ok, it was so much easier before, it seems alot harder this time. docs save me xenical but those are ewwwww,not nice experience from those, i gave up taking them after the first 2 weeks. day 3 for me today( day 1 didn't count as i cheated, i had chicken tut tut), so i suppose its day 2 nearly over and even then i was having flavoured water(*shakes her head at herself*!). x

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