Hello fellow WeMITTS! First time on a forum for weight loss :O

Hi All,

This is my first time ever joining a weight loss forum, I was looking up info on the old WW Discover plan and I came across this site. I read through a few posts and was so inspired by them I decided to join.

So my back story is as follows: Ive always been bigger than my friends and family but i've always been happy in my own skin and never let it hold me back. But after I met my husband and had our 2 little ones I've gotten to a size that is not at all okay with me any longer.

I always held the belief that my size never stopped me doing anything and i've never been seriously ill my whole life, had 2 perfect pregnancies, no sign of prediabeties and my blood pressure was perfect the whole time but I am just kidding myself, it will catch up on me eventually.

I want to lose weight to be able to keep up with my kids too, as they get older I fear they'll be left with a do nothing mam and that's my nightmare. I love mucking in with their games and messing around in the park with them.

Before my wedding I ordered the WW Discover books online a few years back, stuck with it for about 5 weeks, lost a bit and then threw them in the press to gather dust. But I've taken them out again and i am determined to stick to it now as it worked for me back then.

So my current weight is 321 lbs!! Writing it down is tough, I don't feel that size but I am and it's time to change it. I started the old Discover Plan last Saturday. My husband is doing it too for a bit of moral support but he has about 2-3 stone max to lose. I want to get down to 238lbs, that's my goal for now.

I hope there are others out there like me who can give me some tips, would love to hear from you!

PS. As the name implies, I do love food!! All types, even the good stuff :D
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Hi MrsFoodlover,:)
Welcome to the site. I can really relate to your story, having been overweight all my life, the last 30 years @ 300+, had 3 children & just got on with life & a career. Although i wasn't happy being so overweight the stress of failed diets was greater than carrying all that weight.

Its great that you are tackling it now before it impacts on your health. Like you no health problems until I reached 40, then I was diagnosed with Lupus & could barely walk, blood pressure soared sky high to the point I had to give up work, but no diabetes yet thank goodness.

I spent the next 10 years battling with lupus & depression, with my weight yoyoing every time I started a new diet then gave up after a couple of months.
Last year May @ 52 I decided enough was enough & started a weightloss plan as my health had been slowly deterioating over the years due to the stress my weight was putting on my body & heart disease was setting in.

So far I've lost 70lbs & hope to lose another 70 this year. I think that it feels like such a long way to go when you have a 100+ to lose, its easy to give up in the first few months. So after a couple of months calorie counting I started a new WOE (IF) that I can follow indefinately to lose & then hopefully maintain it.

Mini goals are certainly the best way to tackle it, so i wish you the best & if you want to keep in touch for mutual support let me know :)
Wow DeeOne, 70lbs is fantastic! What a great job you did, such an inspiration! Thanks for sharing your story with me, I really need an eye opener and that was. I really hope to be in your position next year, down 70lbs, that's amazing. I'm 2 weeks in now and i'm down 9 lbs, still feeling upbeat about my food choices, not feeling deprived or sorry for myself yet :) but I'm kinda shutting myself off from the world and making time to concentrate on what i'm eating the whole time, i'm sure that kinda focus will drain me eventually so i need to just learn to make the right decisions. My mini goals are 1 stone by end of Feb, 3 stone by August and 5 by Jan next year. I really can't go back now, it's one way or the other.
Just a quick question, did you reward yourself when you reached your mini goals? Did you chose food or alternatives?