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Hello from a noob and a question...


Peace Love Happiness
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Hello everyone
This is a great site, I'm on my second day and feel inspired reading about women who've lost fantastic amounts of weight.

My question is my bf and I are going to New York on 15 November for a week, and I will still be on LT. I wondered how other people have managed in these situations, do you do a refeed and eat a little while away or try and stick to the LT nomatter what?

I would be really grateful to know what you think.

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i have had a couple of holidays while on LT and tbh i think it is easier to stick to it while you away its harder to get back into once you have had a break

rainbow brite

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LisaLisa just went away to Turkey and stuck to LT the entire time she was there and lost 9lb when she got home! :) You can do it hun, I think it's probably the best idea to at least aim to stay on TFR and then if you really really must have something whilst away make sure it's some lean chicken or fish etc. Then go back on your shakes ASAP after that.

I'm sure you'll make the right decision for you hun x


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hi hun i have seen lots of people on the forum who have been away and refeed for hol but found it alot harder to get back on it after i have seen people go away and stick to there diet and been very pleased when they are away. good luck in what you decide to do hun just bear in mind there are so many people who are finding it hard to get back into it. also welcome to the fantastic group this is!
i always stuck to total food replacement whilst i was away on holiday '4 times during my lipotrim tfr' but that was mainly because i knew that if i had started to eat i dont think that i could've stuck to a proper healthy eating plan whilst on holiday or even got back on the shakes after eating, for me the diet was all or nothing.....saying that everybody is different and if you feel like you really want to eat on this holiday then do a proper refeed one week before you go away but i only advise this IF you feel that your will power is strong enough to get back onto the shakes and go through week one of the diet all over again trying to get back into ketosis.

the choice isyours hun,only you know what you can cope with,we all have our opinions,mine is to stick with lipotrim til the end but if you want to eat and feel you could get back on the shakes straight after your hols then make sure you refeed properly. i am sure you will do whats best for you hun when the time comes, by then you may not even think about eating whatsoever hun it is because it is early days, once you're in ketosis properly and see the weight coming off food probably wont even cross your mind then you will be able to go away on hols and come back even slimmer :) xxxxx


Peace Love Happiness
S: 13st8lb C: 13st8lb G: 9st4lb BMI: 33.7 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Thanks everyone

I think you are right Nicki, it is very early days, and I am finding it so hard, I shouldn't even be thinking of food.

I would probably have trouble getting back into it, so better to stick with TFR til the end.
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Sorry babe, I'm a bit late replying to this post but wanted to say that, if you stick to LT 100% then by November you will be finding it a lot easier and it will not be a problem sticking to it. For me personally, there is no way I want to have to restart, especially reading how difficult some people have found it to get back on track. I would stick to LT the whole time and just enjoy the sights of New York!

Good luck, by the time you go you'll have lost at least 2 stone probably more!


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