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Hello from gloomy Northamptonshire...new poster here...

Hello everyone!

I have been reading posts on this site for a little while and everyone seems so supportive and encouraging that here I am posting my own thread...scary! Don't know why!

I am trying to slim down through combination of calorie counting (using Food Focus - I like all the charts!). I also enjoy going to the gym - nothing hardcore, just some cardio and weights to try and tone up - I find it helps me switch off after a day of taxing my brain in the office.

Well I look forward to 'meeting' you all in various threads.

CarefulCounter xx
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Hi and welcome again. :)
Helloo everyone! I thought I would post on here instead of starting a new threat. I started eating healthily one week ago and need to lose about 2 stone. I used to eat takeaway pizza at least once a week, and a lot of nice food. After two years of it, I put on two stone and thought enough is enough. I was a bit unhappy as according to my weighing machine, I haven't lost anything yet, dispite eating only humous, salad and peppers!

Any hints to why?!


wants to get super fit!
Hello and welcome to cc carefulcounter!
Thanks again.

I live in Kettering, hugybear...or Ket-tring as the yokels pronounce it :) I just moved here as I work nearby...it is a pretty run down and tired place I feel but everyone is nice and the surround countryside etc is lovely.

I went to Corby (and got lost!) for a few weeks when i started a 'new to running' course at the athletics club...then the snow came and so couldn't go for a few weeks then they turned into evil army sergeants yeling at us so I stopped that! Just the gym for me :) I realise that doesn't really count as having been to Corby...but I know where it is so that's a bonus! Are you a local? Have you tried the 'intro to running' sessions?

cc x
then the snow came and so couldn't go for a few weeks then they turned into evil army sergeants yeling at us so I stopped that
Hey nothing wrong with evil Army Sergeants. :D


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I have lived in corby all my life and must admit I find the Kettering people very strange, you really have not met the best of corby people ie ME, no i have not gone to the intro to running although I do work with people who attend it and have raved about it. I want to start running as I need to for my job but can not get excited about it, although I would love to be able to do it, I have even looked at buying a treadmill to have at home. Hows it going with you how are you finding the diet so far.
Hehe... it was a good course but I am not good at sticking with things and the snow got me out the habit...go for it! How do you need running for your job? I am wracking my brains trying to think what your job is...!

Diet is going ok - just started Monday so just getting used to the maths (mental arithmetic not my forte!!) and how many cals in different things...some 'healthy' things are suprisingly high like nuts.

Got a family dinner tomorrow evening so trying to plan food for tomorrow so I don't get hungry but have as many cals spare as possible because I can't control what is served to me...but will focus on the veg and avoid the sauces...and the wine sniff sniff!!

What diet are you using? How is it going? How long have you used minimins? It's an amazing forum! Point me if you have a diary/blog whatever...still learning to navigate this site!

cc x

PS yes there is nothing wrong with army sergeants Jim...:) just not in a beginners running club!
LOL, I take your point CC, i suffered under some real *******. :D


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careful counter i work for the police force, hence the fitness test, and running i hate it, i am doing cambridge diet and so far have lost 2 and a bit stone in 7 weeks, if you look on the links you will find me on the "6 stone or more to loose" we are all mad there come and join us.
Thanks hugybear but I don't have that much to lose I am afraid.

I am very impressed with your fitness tests...I had a boyfriend who went through the recruitment and training process for the police while we were together...it's tough! I can't imagine doing those fitness tests regularly! As you say, it's the running bit!! I can walk miles in the country or cycle half the day but running...20 minutes and I'm done!!! That bleep thingy was the bane of my teenage years at school eugh!!

Congratulations on the weightloss! The CD system seems really successful but you have to be really disciplined I think. I am s glad it is working for you! Keep up the good work!

cc x

And hello Kristin, thanks for the welcome!


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who said anything about have to be doing CD or have that much to loose anyone comes on to chat, it doesnt matter how much you have to loose
Newbie in North Lincs

Hi from equally gloomy North Lincs... Newbie to MiniMins as well.

My husband & I are trying to move to New Zealand... Their immigration have said I need to loose weight before they'll give me a visa - so here I am on the Lipotrim diet as I'm not loosing weight fast enough the conventional way.

I've been dieting since the age of 8 when my mum dragged me off to the hospital to see the dietician (who was the eptimone of Olive Oil from Popeye). I've pretty much done all the calorie / points counting diets ever designed & here I am - 42 & still over weight. Only now it's stopping us achieving our dream...

Lipotrim is working! I presume from the (kindly meant) comment from my husband today (bad breath) that I'm now in Ketosis (yeah!!)

I have to say - I haven't felt hungry; only had a mild headache. Bowls are normal (for me anyway) & I'm not missing food (very weird). I'm seriously missing my morning cuppa (can't abide black tea) & will miss my bacon sarnie on Sunday morning.

Good luck with the diet. This site is great because you know you're not alone...
I am amazed on how tight the regulations are for Oz and New Zealand...you'd think they didn't have room to spare and skills shortages with how fussy they are!

Good luck with Lipotrim...I am calorie counting but have great respect for the committment those VLCDs take...I hope New Zealand are appreciative!!

Yep everyone is so supportive on here...I posted in the Calorie Counting forum about 15mins ago about the birthday cake staring at me from across the room in an attempt to distract myself and everyone is so encouraging and toughend my resolve no end!!

All the best, cc x

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