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Hello from Róisín xx

Hi Everybody :)

I have been lurking and reading on Minimins for a little while and just wanted to introduce myself, hi, I'm Róisín and I'm from Ireland. This forum is so supportive and inspiring, I'd like to be apart of that and contribute what I can throughout my weightloss journey :p

So.., my story: I have battled with my weight all my life .....(well.... my first 'fat' memory was when I was 8)..... and I am stick of it :mad:. I know there's no to life than the reading on the bathroom scales and I want to experience it, so I'm going to lose weight once and for all!

I have decided to start CD because my Mum was on this diet before and had amazing results. She gave me some sachets (less than 2 weeks supply) to get me started and I'm going to contact a counsellor on Mon/Tues (have to wait for payday :)).
So effectively today is Day 1 for me. (One mint choc shake, cup of coffee and I'm working on my first litre water - so far so good)

I have some great motivation/ goal. I have just got a job to teach in South Korea beginning end of August. I have to lose weight before I go, I want to enjoy my adventure. I want to be abole to do all of the outdoor sports and not to worry about whether lifejackets, harnesses fit me - or even simply if my bits are wobbling :)

I want to lose as much as possible but I'm setting a goal of 4 stone by August 15th.

So excited about this plan and can't wait to get to know you all better.

Róisín ;)
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Hi Roisin (so sorry have got a clue how to do those ' above the letters!),
I lurked for ages before coming on here and have only really just started to post in the last few days but they are all so friendly and supportive.
Good luck for your weightloss journey. Remember the hardest days are the fisrt few days and then it does get easier. I haven't quite got past ALL of the the head hunger and cravings yet but it is so much better than it was (I'm on week 2) and the rapid loss is so worth the sacrifices.
All the best
Thanks fairyclairy :p

Boy, don't I know all about those food monsters that live in my head!
I'm going to try and keep myself distracted and away from the kitchen for the first week. Role on first weigh in!
Another great thing about CD - get to go 'cold turkey' and deal with 'food relationship'.

Thanks for the support, I'm sure we can help each other with motivation :)
Hiya Roisin. What a great incentive to lose weight! Just keep that image of you strutting your fine stuff about in tasty clothes in the blazing heat, and you wont go wrong.
Dang....can i come pls??? xx
Thanks, Emma, SleepyBird and PennyJane :p

Yes, it is great motivation and I have all my fingers and toes crossed that its enough to keep me on track :)

Great idea sleepybird, you should all come with me..... we could get a group discount on flight - or hire a charter! :D Will try find some pics to stick around my kitchen.

My mum lost 3 stone in 2 months and is keeping it off. So no wonder she is happy to recommend CD ;)


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Hi Róisín, nice to meet you :) Good luck with your weight loss - CD is fantastic and your mum's example is brilliant. Hope to chat with you soon x
Hi Roisin,
Love your name!
Good luck with your first few days, have lots to keep you busy (baths/books/walks/etc.) and you'll be fine
Hi Roisin. i just private messaged you. Anyway, welcome. im in the west of Ireland too. YOU CAN DO THIS. IT GETS EASIER!!! the first week is hard and it is not a diet for the faint hearted but it is the best diet ever if you are serious about losing weight. Cold turkey really sums it up but I think that is what many of us need. you cam pm me if you want and we can motivate each other. i have been on VLCD for over 6 weeks now and loving it... Good luck;)
Hi Roisin...like you I am new too. This forum is great and the people really provide you with the inspiration that you need to stick to the diet!

Keep going, I am sure you will make it. Just the congratulations for everytime you lose the pounds, from the members on this website, will want you to lose more!

They are all a great inspiration to me and will keep me going ahead....:p


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Good luck Róisin.
How exciting about your job, wow lucky girl.


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Hi Roisin (so sorry have got a clue how to do those ' above the letters!),

clairy you just hold down the ctrl and alt keys and on you key board you have the second letter under your vowels, áéíóú, try it and see.

anyway good luck Róisín, and we are all here for support.
Best of Luck Roisín! How are u finding day 2?
Hope it's going well for you!
I'm an English teacher too abroad....if you have and Q's, I'd be happy to help.
Where in W.Ireland are u from? I'm from Dublin myself.

Anyways, hope day 2 is a good day for you!

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