Hello from Sydney Australia!!!!


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Hello Everyone!!

i'd like to start with a little intro! My name is Danny, i am living in Sydney Australia at the minute. I am 25...almost, from Dundee and have a little bit of excess partying to lose!

My mum used to run a SW class in Dundee so i have a good idea of how it all works etc. I have had a little read through the forum and am excited to see how helpful and supportive everyone is! and some of the recipes have my belly rumbling!!

So getting to business....

Australia supermarkets dont have the same things on shelves British ones do. Some questions i have are....

What other meat substitutes are there as Quorn doesnt exist here. I fancy trying Tofu....does anyone have any good cooking instructions or ideas for that?

Do spices such as Old El Paso packets have Syn values? as they are good for wedge sprinkles etc

I dont have the Syn manual obviously but i do have all the food diaries....basic guide books that I....(downloaded off the internet shhhhh)

any help to get me on my way would be great!


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hi danny and welcome

had a quick look at el paso stuff, things like the taco seasoning have 5 syns on each plan.

Don't know what else you can get in that range while I was living in cairns I was frustrated I could not get fajita mix :D

why not use cajun spices to coat your wedges I use that and its free.

Dont know much about tofu i'm afraid.

good luck with the plan


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Hey Danny, welcome to SW and Minimins!! You've made the right choices!!! You'll get so much support and learn so much from people in terms of recipes, tricks of 'the trade' and syn values!! Lots of people post their food diaries and others can comment and advise on how it can be improved!! People can also look at others' food diaries as inspiration for themselves!

Tofu (soya bean curd) is lovely in stirfries and curries, but I know lots of people who don't like it, or say that it's tasteless! You can griddle pieces of it and have it in salads or on skewers with veg- I love it! Apart from Quorn all I can think of as a meat subsitute are soya products- you can get mince and pieces. It's a shame you can't get Quorn- shocking infact!! You should write to the government about this atrocity!!

Good luck and any questions, everyone here is sooo helpful and friendly you'll get the hang of it in no time at all!!X

I've got the SW Food Directory infront of me (at 01.20am why is this you may well ask!! I've just been to a do in my village hall and am a very mad person!!)- Old El Paso spices do have syns in them! The Chilli Spice mix 39g has 6, the Fajita Spice mix 35g has 5.5 and the Taco Spice Mix 35g has 5! But between 4 portions that's not too bad is it!! All proper spices and curry powder are free which is very handy!!


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sweeeeeeeet! as the ozzys say!

thanks for making me welcome! im making my food plan for the week and then going shopping!

here i go.....


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Hi and welcome, I too am from overseas, The Gambia ,and also cant get many of the foods products but i manage and this sight is really helpful and supportive. there is an overseas group on here if you want to join. it isnt very ative at the moemnt but we are trying!!!
Good luck with the plan.
Sorry i don't know anything about tofu either and i cant get Quorn!!!


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Welcome to the forum and good luck with your weight loss.


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welcome to the forum and good luck in everything, sounds like you have a good idea how it goes so i'm sure you'll do fab :). xx


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I adore tofu. I've been veggie all my life and was brought up on it! I'm not a big fan of Quorn as I find the texture wierd (I've never eaten meat so I assume that's why!). I do use the mince and eat the sausages occasionally.

As previously mentioned tofu is great in stirfry or salads. I dice it (about cm cubed size), marinate in soy sauce then fry in frylight. Then you can add it too stirfry, or pasta sauces or curry etc! Or it can be cooled and used in salads.

One of my favourite tofu recipes is stuffed tofu. cut the tofu to be about the size of a pack of playing cards, marinade in soy sauce, and fry in frylight. When cooled make a slit in the middle of the block and stuff with cheese (anything you fancy). Place these in overproof dish, and cover with a sauce of your choice. I use one made from chopped onion, garlic, tin tomatoes and herbs. All cooked in a pan then put ontop of tofu. Cook in oven for around 20mins. I serve with potatoes and veg. Tofu is free food on green days so you just need to count the cheese as your HE's.