Hello girls, I'm BACK!!!!!!!


Well i bet you thought you would never hear from me again? Sorry peeps, but you can't get rid of me that easily;)

Over the past few weeks i have been coming on here and reading a little, then off i go again and forget about the diet world. Well as of Monday the 12th feb i will be placing my feet firmly back on the road to slimdom, i am going to start SSing with CD, gosh quite excited and quite scared. I have regained around 4 st of my weight loss and that really saddens me, however the last year has been the hardest ever:tear_drop: You prob all know that my mum passed away in March 2006, i have been existin not living and i am fed up with what i see in the mirror now, so it's time to start taking back control of my life. When i reached my lowest weight before i can truly say that i had a glimpse of true empowerment and happiness, if only for a few months, but i want, no, need that back again, this time i will have it with me forever.

On monday next week i will let you all know that i have started as planned and my start weight:eek: I will try to post as often as i can, but bear with me peeps as i a m a little out if practice.

Hello to all that remember me and hi to anyone who does'nt:)

Much love to all my old and soon to be friends on here!!

Suzanne xxxx

PS, Diva!!! I saw what you wrote about me being a survivor hun, it made me cry, but in a good way, thankyou for not forgetting me. A big hello to Heleng aswell, noticed you missed me hun, will try to catch up soon XX
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hi sj :)

well im kinda new but wanted to welcome u back. so sorry to hear how tough things have been since ur mum passing. it cant have been easy but well done for grabbing hold and taking control.

wishing u the very best



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Hey Suze....Great to have you back hun!!! And you truly are a survivor, sweetie so you go ahead and cry if you want!! :D :D


Busy busy busy!!
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Hi Suzanne
I lost 4stone in 2005 - put on 2stone last year .... c**p year and restart CD SS on 19/02/07 .... so good luck for your restart and we'll all be here to support, motivate and cajole you along your weight loss journey.
Hello there my gorgeous mate Diva, I did cry but that's ok coz it was warm and fuzzy tears, you are so sweet to have been thinking of me all this time hun!!

Shucks xxxxxxx:eek:


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Hi Suzanne I have been a member since dec......so not sure if iv had the pleasure of chatting to you......!
Welcome back anyway and let us know how you get on.


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Hello lovely! Not sure if you remember me from Henry's, but welcome back!

Very best of luck for your restart and looking forward to 'seeing' you shrinking!


Hi Suzanne,

I rarely post on here now, occasionally lurk and stick to DH, creature of habit and all that!

But had to respond to seeing a familiar name return to the boards...

Welcome back hun!
I realise it's been a testing year to say the least, but you're back in the bosom of your virtual mates, and we're all with you;)

Looking forward to following your progress,


PS Exactly a year since I met you at Henry's I think...:rolleyes:


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:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

I KNEW you couldn't resist those e-mails I kept sending:eek:

SOOOOOOO good to see your name back up on screen;)

What about that coffee:confused:


Hi Suzanne!
I remember you - I am a quiet member so do not always make my presence known but welcome back and lots of virtual willpower coming your way for the restart!
Hope the pain of your mums passing is easing with time.

Of course i remember you all, Isobel, Dom, Helen, Htpink, Booby and you all you other wonderful peeps, tis so nice to start chatting with you all again, i will be back proper next week, but keeping my eye's onyou all till then;)

Helen i love those emails you send me and coffee is a deffo after the lovely sprogs go back to school!!!!!

Love to you all Suzanne xxxxxxx

Well girls and boys, it's here!! Day 1 and i have to say i have quite a few butterflys in my tummy, did'nt get much sleep last night, was thinking about the coming days and weeks and planning lots of things to keep busy, giving myself pep talks, you know the stuff!!

So here i am, it's 7.30am and i already have a large glass of H2O.

Weighed in at 19st 31/4lbs:eek: so i really want to lose 5 1/2 st, that would take me 1 and a half lower then before, i think i would be pretty happy with that, i am after all 5ft 11inch.

Wish me luck girls, i will be back later to chat more.

Suzanne xxx


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Oooooooh suzanne
How did I miss your return! Must've been something to do with me trapped in the arcade for the past few days! :D

Great to see you back and sounding sooo positive :p Stick with it hun, those extra stones will be off so soon, ( making a note here to take my own advice! :p )

Good luck for today :)


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Good luck with your restart hun....you know we're all here for you...:)
Thx Geri & Diva:eek:

Well it's half way through the day and things are running smoothly, Hooorahh!!

I had forgotten the need to pee soooooooooo much, i can't belive how fast my loo roll is running down:D

How is everyone else today?

Suzanne xx