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Hello girls - may I join you?


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Hi, started this on Tuesday but still waiting for the book to be delivered so winging it a bit. Did well Tuesday and Wednesday (as was at work - so much easier) then went off the rails yesterday but back on track today (hopefully). Am sure yesterday I faltered as I didnt drink enough water and thought I wanted food when really I needed a drink. I drink plenty at work but "forget" at home (unless its wine of course!!). Just filled a sports bottle so hopefully will remember to drink today

Initially want 10lb off then I'll see if I want to go any lower. Going for a 3 night break to Spain in 3 weeks so would love to be a fair bit slimmer by then.....so no pressure!!!!:D
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Hello Jen and welcome to the forum!

So you're restarting Attack today, if I understand you correctly? We have a menu thread if you'd like to post your menu...

Good luck!


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Thanks - yes, restarting today. Hope my book turns up though!!

I see you live in France - we go for our hols there every year. Have got till mid August to get properly into shape for that. Thats what attracted me to this diet - you dont see many overweight French women....and those that are are not like over here.


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Hi Jen and welcome to Dukan! :)

I was on Atkins before but got fed up of all the fat lol so I thought I would try this and it's working well so far - 5lbs off in my first four days :p

Good luck hun, I'm sure you'll reach your goal in time for your trip to Spain, wish I was going :cool:


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Hi hon :) I too was on atkins boo!!! lol
Done fve days of attack and lost 6lbs. Make sure you eat plenty of protein and you wont feel hungry and the need to go off track.


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Your sigs are making me laugh - "splenda shaker". I read the thread on it and had a chuckle as my hubby chucked mine out as he thought it was empty!!! Numpty!


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lmao thats funny. it does feel empty though :D


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oooh yes I must second that advice about eating plenty of protein... you shouldn't feel hungry on this diet (and I'm always telling the girls they're not eating enough!!)


Loves this site!
Hi and welcome.
I do listen just cant force feed myself much more or i'll gag! I didnt do as well as the others in my 1st week but i didnt blow out last weekend. I came straight from atkins.
Good luck, we are all fairly new but Joanne has been a rock, she knows everything there is to know.
Does your husband need one of our signatures too?

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