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Discussion in 'Calorie Counting' started by serafyn, 1 September 2009 Social URL.

  1. serafyn

    serafyn Full Member

    Hiya everyone, some people know me here and some don't so I thought I'd pop by say hi. I haven't gained since I was here last time and have started afresh this week. I took a break due to personal problems and well I gave up dieting for a while. I realised that starting afresh I couldn't do without you all and I didn't want to do it alone xx

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  3. PrincessSmiles

    PrincessSmiles Full Member

    Hi Serafyn - I'm new to the CC sub-forum but looking forward to reading your posts!
  4. NIC68

    NIC68 wants to get super fit!

    Hello again and welcome back - you've been missed!
  5. serafyn

    serafyn Full Member

    Thanks hugs to you both, Nic you've done so well xxxx
  6. Debzi

    Debzi Full Member

    Hi Serafyn, welcome back I'm just back from my hols too unfortunately I have not STS!! We will hopefully be back in the swing of things soon.....
  7. rhuba

    rhuba i really don't know life

    serafyn! welcome back!

    was wondering where you'd got to! well done for staying the same - shows that maintenance is indeed possible. good luck on your re-start miss!

    rhuba xxx
  8. coraljen

    coraljen Full Member

    hey guys just wondering how many cals a day to lose 4 stone ? nic68 you have done so well im jealous but determined
  9. serafyn

    serafyn Full Member

    Hello great to see the same names! Thanks for kind messages xx

    I'm on 1000 a day coraljen however that is ultra low, my metabolic is very slow. Mind you I am trying to walk an hour a day and that is helping to make me feel better about myself looks wise and is really helping to shift the pounds!
  10. BREN

    BREN is going to loose!

    Yeah I'm just being mindful at the moment and trying to do around 1100 - 1200 cals a day.

  11. LaLaLou

    LaLaLou Silver Member

    Welcome back :)

    I'm new here, so we've not "met" before. I tend to have 1500 cals per day, and so far it's been OK for me.
  12. coraljen

    coraljen Full Member

    thanks guys for your advice im trying to stick to 1200 a day i will let you all know!
    so far ive had 2 slices toast @188cals and spag hoops at 109cals
  13. coraljen

    coraljen Full Member

    thanks for the advice guys im trying to stick to 1200cals a day i will let u know how i get on!
    so far today 2xslices bread188cals small tin spag hoops109cals

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