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Hello Lipotrim Forum!!

Hello all,
Firstly can I just say how amazing you all are!! I started Lipotrim last Wednesday and oh my it has been tough!!!
I have been coming on here when I have found times tough and you guys have kept me going and so I have just decided to bite the bullet and join(it did take me a couple of days to fathem the posting of messages)
I get weighed tomorrow and so I hoping for a good loss!

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Here we go again!
Hi and welcome. Good luck for your first weigh in tomorrow, it will be great and will really spur you on for next week.

Whenever you need advice, a laugh or a kick up the bum someone on here will be able to provide it.

Drink plenty of water and try to keep busy to take your mind off food and you will be fine.

I look forward to reading about your weigh in tomorrow and keep up the good work. It will all be worth it!


maintaining since June'09
Welcome! Glad you decided to talk to us :)

Best of luck for tomorrow. I look forward to hearing how you get on. xx
Good luck with the first weigh in. Post your results its great to hear how everyone is doing.

I too am in my first week and love coming on here and posting. it takes my mind off everyone else in the house eating.


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Hellllooooo :D how are you hun? Welcome to the mad world of LT! You've got through your first week..it can only get better! Just you wait till your weigh in..really keeps you going!xx


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Welcome! Nothing beats posting here to keep you busy and on track! Well done on doing the first week and hopefully your losses will be reward enough tomorrow. Post your losses when you know. Tomorrow is my weigh in day too! Week 4 for me and it does get easier hun!
hey chick, welcome to the world of LT. keep it up, look forward to seeing your results xxx
hi and welcome, good luck with your first wi you will probably be pleasantly surprised and that will motivate you to carry on.
Hello there, You ve got through the worst week so well done!!! this site is a life saver when you are feeling hungry or feeling tempted by food. Post your weigh in results tomorrow, good luck!!!xxxx
Hi petal, you are going to be fab! Good luck for tomorrow.x


A little of everything!
How did you get on?? Don't keep us in suspense!
Hello All,
Wow....Thanks for all the welcomes!!
Well I had the weigh in this morning and I lost an amazing 8lb's, I am soooooo pleased!!
Bring on next week's weigh in!!


A little of everything!
Way to go!!!! Who-hoo!!!
It makes it all worthwhile doesn't it!

Congrats and well done. Its brilliant isnt it to see the scales take a jump like that !!!!. I am just a few days ahead of you WI2 on saturday. just keep thinking of what we will be able to wear by summer ! thats what keeps me going (and to put the skeptics back in their boxes)
Wow well done thats fab!! just seeing how much you have lost in one week will make it soo much easier hun!!! x


maintaining since June'09
Fantastic! Well done you! Keep up the good work x
well done, that's fab! xx
Thanks everyone! I am much stronger this week, and really cannot wait for next week!! sorry for the late response I am still finding my way around this place! I need to update all the funky extras that all you guys have...he he!! x
8 pounds is fantastic, well done! x

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