Hello - one of the many repeat starters I think!


S: 22st12.6lb C: 16st13.2lb G: 12st8.4lb Loss: 5st13.4lb(26.01%)

I'm starting my journey today at 22 3/4 Stone (145Kg). This is my 'go to' weight, I always end up maxing out at when I give up trying to be healthy. The picture below shows 5 years of being maxed out, with a brief glimmer of hope in 2016 when I got down to 110Kg over 6 months before maxing out again.

This time, I'm setting myself a different goal. My first goal is to get back to the 110kg weight, and I've given myself 12 months to do it. That's half the pace I achieved last time with the hope that I can find a way to do it sustainably. I'm very good at watching calories, but I'm rubbish at being sensible - it's 'all or nothing'. If I watch calories, I'll strive for the smallest possible number, if I bust 'yesterdays' result, the whole day is a failure and I may as well eat what I want! -- I know this isn't right but it happens eventually every time.

So my approach is different (mostly).

First the bits that worked last time, without too much difficulty:
  • 12 hours a day with nothing but water (usually 7pm - 7am) - this is to give the gut bacteria time to recover.
  • Decent pro-biotic daily - for the same reasons above.
Phasing in the following that worked well but will kill me if I try from the start!
  • Walk 10,000 steps each and every day, 30 min of which are at a brisk walk (starting with a smaller number now, building up to sometime in Feb for the goal).
Stopping what wasn't sustainable
  • <1500 Cal per day, <10g of Fat per meal (this was to target a specific gallstone issue I had which prompted the weightless)
and instead:
  • Target a gradual weightloss by eating less and more healthily (0.7kg per week in this case). Try to eat up to the target daily calories if I am still hungry, don't aim for minimum.
Screenshot 2019-01-01 at 09.29.35.png
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