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Hello! UK ex-pat hoping to lose with SW :)

Hi everyone!

I'm looking forward to being a part of this great site. In a nutshell I need to lose weight and stay motivated. My biggest downfall is self-sabotage, so I hope by joining this forum I will be accountable and stay away from temptation and sabotaging thoughts.

I'm 39, nearly 40. At my heaviest two years ago I was 120kg (19st). Got down to 80 (12st 8lbs) within a year, using meal replacements and low/no carb evening meals. My avatar is me at my lowest weight. Since then the weight has crept up since and I need to turn it around, as I had promised myself I would never get as big as I had been again.

When I lived in the UK before I had some success with Slimming World, so trying again, but I must admit tht I am not overly optimistic, as weightloss seems slow for many and most people seem to put the weight back on again. Please prove me wrong!! Hoping I can beat the odds, as the SW plan fits in best with family life.

My husband and I are UK ex-pats living in Sweden and working full time, with a 10 year old boy and 3 year old girl. Living here makes SW a bit harder as some of the SW staples such Muller Lights, but have already requested a SW friendly shopping list of mugshots and alpen bars form the city's ex-pat store! Expensive though, so will be mainly sticking to fresh food and synning any Swedish treats that I can't find the equivalents to on the online calculator.

I'm a crafter and love to stitch, crochet and knit etc, so hoping I can keep my hands busy and not in the bread bin!

I hope to find lots of great tips through this website, as well as motivation!
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hi Misselphie!

Welcome to minimins!

I joined slimming world 3 weeks ago now and like you say have found the weight loss a little slower than I would have liked.

Hopefully we can all find motivation in the minimins forums we need to keep us on track

Good idea about the crafting as a way to keep hungry hands busy... I think I'll have to invest in some craft materials at the weekend!

Gilly X
Hi and welcome :) My weight loss has been a little slow on SW, but then if you read my food diary that's because I'm terrible on the weekends! @My-year2012 lives in Switzerland so she might experience some of the same problems as you with accessing things and could help?

Look forward to seeing you around
Hi MissElphine!

Welcome to minimins and to SW.

Like @Heather Monckton said I am living in Switzerland and doing SW, I started last Tuesday so just into my second week.

I find myself barely using my syns asIi lack access to some thing like you said (mullerlights etc). Nonetheless I am determined to do this, I guess lack of access has me exhausting/searching more healthier options to used my sysns on (butter, avocado, nuts).

I look forward to seeing your meals, progress and share meal ideas with you.

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