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Hello(waves) I'm starting my adventure

Hi Everyone..

Found this website purely by chance and totally blown away by how fabulous you all are doing-will never buy a magazine for motivation ever again...

I'm 36 and have hit rock bottom with my weight..living in same 2 outfits all the time as they are the only ones that fit..even though i have about 20 pairs of jeans that will fit if i go down 1 or 2 dress sizes which always seems unobtainable..Started WW in the spring and was totally disheartened by week 3 as well as starving hungry..and since then continued to pile it on even though have gym membership and promised myself results within weeks (that was new year..:sigh:)

So im here..my motivation at the moment is i have VIP tickets to see my fave band in 8 weeks..meet and greet and in my wildest dreams id love to have 1.5 stone off by then..is it attainable..i hope so but i want to continue long after that..i look like a flump in my wedding photos...a blob in my daughters christening photos..would just like to look a little bit nice in photos with 5 hunky guys that i'll never have this sort of opportunity with again..

Am not attending classes so am using the old SW books and keeping a food diary..halfway through week 1 and it feels too easy..im stuffed and only using about 5-7 sins a day..does that sound right..is there a better way to do things..any help and tips would be wonderful..look forward to meeting you all on your journeys xx
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Day 1 of actually keeping a diary on here ..although my WI day is Saturday..feeling incredibly motivated..like the penny has dropped..not missing chocolate at all..last night i was gutted as the strawberries i had bought had turned and had to bin them..so ended up having a shape 0% yog with a meringue crushed in it and was actually yummy as a quick sweet fix..
My hubby works away mon to fri so its a lot easier during the week than when hes home..he lost 7 stone literally crash dieting last year and is managing to maintain it..now hes done it he seems to think that everyone else should be able to do it and is now quite judgemental of overweight people..think he forgets he was there too for a very long time..as much as he tries to be supportive and encouraging i often find his manner less helpful and have often 'rebelled' against him in the battle with food.(mad isnt it)..bought zumba for the wii and had a good session on it monday..was aching from it yesterday and last night i could sense the disapointment in his voice when i hadnt done it again yesterday...so went to bed feeling a bit of a failure from one little thing...
But this morning im feeling great..just had a cooked brekkie of 2 quorn sausages..mushrooms..slice of wholemeal toast and some scrambled egg(with milk from HE)..off for a walk round country park in the sunshine with my little girl..
really hoping i have some weight loss this week as it seems so easy x


Better to Drink your Syns
S: 12st10.5lb C: 11st12lb G: 11st6.5lb BMI: 26.8 Loss: 0st12.5lb(7%)
Lovely start to your diary :)
Don't be disheartened by hubby's comments, which I know is far easier said than done:(
You will get a great deal of help and advice on here, and if you need to pick my brains, feel free to pick...if you can find it that is;)
As you are following old books, perhaps it would be good for you if you posted your day's menu, and what plan you are following, and then, if there is anything that needs tweeking, it can be tweeked xxxx
Thank you...im a veggie and eat a lot of quorn..mainly the sausages and have read somewhere that they are 1 syn and no longer free is that right? and i also eat a lot of Asdas Meat free chicken style Fillets which i googled and somewhere said they were free..everything i google brings me back to this site..so im meant to be here..lol xx


Better to Drink your Syns
S: 12st10.5lb C: 11st12lb G: 11st6.5lb BMI: 26.8 Loss: 0st12.5lb(7%)
The Quorn sausages that are labelled 'best ever' now have syn values:

Sizzling BBQ Bangers, 5 pack, chilled: 2 Syns each
Best Ever Cumberland Sausages, 5 pack, chilled: 1 Syn each
Best Ever Sausages, 6 pack, chilled: 1 Syn each
Best Ever Sausages, 8 pack, frozen: 1 Syn each
Tastier Red Leicester & Onion Sausages, 5 pack, chilled: 1 Syn each
Tastier Sausages, 6 pack, frozen: ½ Syn each

Hope this helps x
Thank you for the replies..am so looking forward to getting to know everyone..i feel like this is my little hidey place to be the real me :)

Lunch today: 6 Crackerbread with 2 dairylea light slices & cucumber..with a teaspoon of salad cream for dipping.


One day at a time, one step at a time
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HIya just found your diary. Ignore hubby, hes a man , I ignore what all men say :8855:

You can do this sweetie :) we are all in this together and help each other out.

Whatever you do even if having a bad day don't stop updating your diary. If you update honestly and regularly we can help you keep on track

Must dash as not done any work yet and need to walk the doggie xxxxxx
Not felt hungry all day and it feels so good..
For dinner ive had Pasta,2 quorn sausages,mushroom (oven baked with the sausages),baked beans and a dairylea slice broken up over it(probably sounds yuk but its v nice..lol..and for pudding ive had 2 shape yogurts over a broken up small meringue...lovely :)

Have to say though i feel a bit bloated in general..wondering if im overdoing the carbs maybe..help..anyone x
S: 24st4.0lb

You have started a diary... that FAB! It will help you loads!!! :D

My WI day is Sat also.. So we can be WI Buddies! :party0011:

I am just getting used to what my body like and does'nt like.. I am starting to think that carbs have a negative effect on my scales. I had a Green week a while ago and I was very bloated and put on! :cry:

I try to stick to Red days now but thats a bit difficult if your a vegatarian. You will soon get used to what your body likes and does'nt like.

I have to ask.... which Band is it your going to see? Will I be jealous???!! LOL :D
Yay..brill to have a WI buddy..im intending to do it..first thing in the morning..starkers and after ive been to the loo..lol.

Going to ease off the carbs the rest of the week and increase my quorn and veggies i think..think il be totally gutted if i dont lose anything...but am keeping on and using not very many syns so fingers and toes crossed..

Im going to meet The Overtones..have you heard of them..they aren't huge yet but im besotted..lol..and will only get 1 crack at the photos with them...eeek x
Morning all...laying off the carbs a bit now and increasing my quorn and fibre..was tempted to step on the scales this morning but chickened out..feel i have to wait the week or i may be disheartened when im feeling so positive..

Had an unexpected challenge last night when eldest son wanders in laden with chinese food..i knew id pick if i got a whiff of it in the kitchen it smells too good..so i told him to scrape all the leftovers in bin straight away and i went for a bath..lol..

Going to take my little princess swimming this morning..she bobs about in her rubber ring whilst i try and do some discreet exercises in the water..lol..every little helps i suppose :) x


Better to Drink your Syns
S: 12st10.5lb C: 11st12lb G: 11st6.5lb BMI: 26.8 Loss: 0st12.5lb(7%)
I've heard of the Overtones, but only because I recall thinking that there used to be an Undertones!;)

Well done on resisting the chinese, and the sneaky WI, and have a good swim x
Hi Everyone..didnt get chance to update last night....had a really rubbish day yesterday..you know where everything you touch goes wrong or breaks..total nightmare and was so down in the dumps..usually at that point i would just eat eat eat...Gave myself little treats which im hoping doesn't amount to much in grand scheme of things but here goes..
Brekkie-28g Branflakes with milk from HE A
Lunch- Crackerbread from HE B and Dairylea slice. HE A with salad and a teaspoon of salad cream
Dinner- Jacket potato with beans,a teaspoon of low fat olive spread and Sainsburys Meat free chicken style burger in breadcrumbs..really hoping these are low as ive been unable to syn them as yet.eeek
Inbetween that ive had a small bag of magic stars(3.5?) a teaspoon of demerera sugar in my coffee(1?) was seriously flagging in will power at that point and needed a boost..then later on i had a bag of sainsburys value ready salted crisps i had in the cupboard..really annoyed at having these but ended up watching big brother with the kids and was starving when id normally be in bed at that point..
but not to dwell on things..off to tescos in a min to get stocked up on fresh fruit n veg and quorn for the weekend..xx
Well 1st Weigh In...3lb off!!!...felt a bit disapointed as think i half expected this magical 7lb off being first week..but didnt start or do my SW shop til Monday(wanted WI to be a sat) so im 2 days short in theory..lol..excuses excuses i know..lol..
But Yay..1st one over and feeling mega motivated still..and def cutting back on the mountains of carbs i was eating earlier in the week..xx

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