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Hello all, I'm new to this and not even sure if i'm doing 'it' right ;)

I've started on the Lipotrim programme and am on day 3 and looking for a reason NOT TO EAT!! I'm quite determind most of the time but am missing coffee and bacon.

I did read about substituting milk for the vanilla powder :rolleyes: is that all in one go or just half does anyone know??

My friend told me about this site :)

Time to see if I get a response lol.....

Bye for now
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Hi Wildmeg and welcome to the forum.

This is a fantastic place for help and support - I don't think I'd have managed 5 weeks without the people on here!!

The first few days are the hardest and until you hit ketosis you will feel hungry and have the cravings......but hang in there - you must only be a couple of days off ketosis then you'll not have the hunger pangs and hopefully the cravings will go to.

Keep yourself busy and drink plenty of water. I think thats the key to the first few days, and when you go for your first weigh in you will be astonished and motivated even more!!

Keep drinking the water and if you feel like you might cave in, log on here and read the success stories.

Keep us posted on how you get on!! Good luck x


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1 good reason is the brilliant first weeks weigh in!you'll be well pleased you didn't eat.it'll get you through the next week too and you'll look forward to every weigh day because you know you will have a great loss.
it will become normal to you just to have shakes and not eat.
good luck and welcome btw x
Thanks SkinnyMini!

A reply, i'm dead chuffed lol!!

I'll keep trying. Just doing my best to work out how to post my start weight etc...

I'll keep you posted. Hope you are doing really well too :D


Positivity is the key
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Hi Meg,
well done to you for starting, you will soon be in ketosis and not feel the urge to eat at all, so stick with it and that first weigh in will be so worth it.
Don't quite understand what you mean by the substituting milk for the vanilla question but I will give you this answer. If you are a tea or coffee drinker and can't have it without milk, some on here have added a teaspoon of the vanilla in place of milk. Don't know if that's what you were asking. Don't make up the full shake and then use bits of it as the nutritional quality of it will be compromised, just use a spoon of powder as needed. Make sure you use all the shake in the one day though as it is part of your allowance and needed for the calories as well as the nutrients.
Hope that helps, wishing you all the best.


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You will always get replies to your posts Meg, people on here are very friendly and helpful and quite evangenical about Lipotrim - just looking at peoples weight loss record is a big inspiration in itself. Get yourself a Ticker, there's a 'Sticky' at the top somewhere that describes how or ask any of us who have one for help, and set some targets...

Welcome to the club :D
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The first few days/week are the toughest, but, if you keep in mind that it'll get easier, you should be able to make it through! Your first weigh in should be a great loss & I found focussing on that helpful.

Not sure what exactly you mean by the milk thing - but, really, it's pretty simple - just your shakes, water, black coffee/tea, so I'd say it's a no on the milk front.

Best of luck with the rest of the week! Keep at it & maybe look at the 'inspirational slideshow' to keep you going :)

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It's my first day today and all going well, just need to get my head around not eating. I think it will be more of the habit to break and not hunger. Good luck x


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Hi rnegm, hope you stay focussed, stay on here whenever you feel temptation and have a chat about anything and nothing !!

Everyone is fab and really supportive and someone will have an answer for any questions.

ps.. have you seen the DVD yet - i found really motivating.

Caren. xx
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Hi Meg and welcome.

As Doirin says, if you can't drink coffee or tea without milk then you can use a spoonful of the vanilla instead. I started drinking coffee black and now find I prefer it that way.

Things will be easier once ketosis hits and you need to keep your water intake up - 3-4L throughout the day is a good amount to aim for.

Good luck.


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