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Hello! :)

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Hello everyone! :wavey:

I've decided that after a week of constant eating, (actually, it's more like a year but who am I kidding?? :eek:) I'm joining SW on New Year's Eve. My nearest class is on a Friday but is being held earlier this week. So I've contacted the consultant to join her Thursday class for this week, so that I can start 2010 on track. Lord knows how much more damage I would do if I left it til a week Friday! :eek:

I'm planning to stick to Extra Easy but does anyone have any ideas for work lunches with only 1 HEB a day? (which I will be using for brekkie).

Many thanks!!!
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Do you have access to a microwave/kettle for lunch? If so, reheated leftovers, homemade soups, mugshotz, couscous, jacket spuds, are all favourites of mine! Also salads if you are organised and get them ready - i can never seem to find time or inclination for that! hope this is helpful and good luck! x


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most of the mug shots are free, some do have syns but they are fairly low. they are filling and by far my favourite is the roast chicken ( which is free ). The tomato and herb is good too
Some of Batcehlors Pasta n Sauce are either free or low in syns. When you join your group you'll get the password to access the wonderful SW website where you can check the syn values of oodles of foods, which I think is fab for the weekly price. Even when prices go up I still think it's fab value for money. When I was at WW the bog standard meeting fee was literally just for the weigh in and talk


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Some of Batcehlors Pasta n Sauce are either free or low in syns
Wow, really? I love Pasta 'n' Sauce (Tomato & Basil flavour). I'm new (hi!) and on Easy Extra. Just signed up for the online version as I don't really have much time to go to classes at the moment. I previously had success with WW (lost 2 stone) but I gave up and am now right back where I started...plus a little extra :cry:

Anyhoo, looking forward to talking with you all and hopefully sharing some hints and tips :)


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Hey, welcome to SW and MM, good luck with your weight loss journey. Feel free to ask any questions and we will try to answer :)

I'm not very good at lunchy ideas I just tend to eat as I go - sorry!

Best of luck, Natt xxx

Chicky Noops

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I take Ainsley Harriott cous cous to work - very easy to prepare and it doesn't need heating up, also quite filling. 1/2 syn per pack! Otherwise, pasta salad, hard boiled eggs, left-overs. I do generally find work lunches quite hard though as I'm out and about quite a lot and my car is often my office!

Good luck!


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I don't find mugshots that filling to be honest. But if I pad them out with lots of fruit, I am usually satisfied (until my afternoon snacktime!)

Is there anywhere nearby you can go for a jacket spud? They're my lunchtime saviour. There's a tempting butty van near my office, but they do nice big jackets and I usually have baked beans and cheese (for my A choice).

Also, planning ahead is a real winner. If you're making pasta for dinner, cook extra and take it to work the next day. Cold, it's lovely with chopped up cherry tomatoes, cucumber, some ham or whatever you fancy. If you've made a tomato sauce, cold pasta with the tomato is lovely as a pasta salad. Also nice with tuna and sweetcorn and some extra light mayo (1 syn per tablespoon).

There are oodles of ideas on the recipe thread at the top of the board.

Hope you LURVE sw like we all do! Welcome :)


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I've been making soup for lunches (midweek and at home in the weekend). I started off taking them in cold to be heated up in work microwave, but in the winter everyone wants to use it so you end up waiting half-hour for a turn, so a bought a food flask instead.

My Favourites are Spicy Butternut, Minestrone, and the Lentil and Bacon one in the EE recipe book. Yummmm!