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Helloooooooo skinnys (skinny to be's also lol...)


Getting there!!!
S: 16st0lb C: 15st4lb G: 11st2lb BMI: 35.6 Loss: 0st10lb(4.46%)


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Hi hun!! Welcome back :D when did you start back on it?xx


Getting there!!!
S: 16st0lb C: 15st4lb G: 11st2lb BMI: 35.6 Loss: 0st10lb(4.46%)
Cheers!! have my drinks ready to go tomorrow!! cant wait, i know wat i did wrong last time like cheating,not refeeding etc etc, so im feeling confident!! how are you finding it!! x x


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Oooo are you excited lol? Yeah i'm fine...done LT twice before, lost and maintained and now just on it to get the final bit of weight off!

Your so right you know..so many people who come off it and put weight back on can then actual realise what the real prob is, when you eat, what you eat etc and so second time round the diet works brilliantly! When did you come off it before?xx


Getting there!!!
S: 16st0lb C: 15st4lb G: 11st2lb BMI: 35.6 Loss: 0st10lb(4.46%)
just in january, i lost about 3 stone by xmas and after that i went up and down like a yoyo! lost 20lb in 3 weeks after xmas and put it all back on!! couldnt believe it. i really thought id never go back to tfr but i know it works, just have to get the second part right this time! x x


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Awww honey you'll do great this time round. You did great last time and you know exactly what to expect and what your faced with so you'll be at target in no time! I have to admit..although i maintained what i lost, i'm definately going to follow refeed to the T when i come off it this time!

Have you set yourself a target date for this time?xx


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S: 241.8lb C: 212.1lb G: 175lb BMI: 28.8 Loss: 29.7lb(12.28%)
Heya :) welcome back, I bet it takes alot to muster up the strength to decide to do LT again once you've already done it, cos it's not an easy diet is it :p although imo it's alot easier than eating healthy and going to the gym alot haha :)


I will be skinny again!!!
S: 20st7lb C: 18st5lb G: 13st0lb BMI: 36.9 Loss: 2st2lb(10.45%)
Hiya welcome back again!!


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S: 16st10lb C: 13st7lb G: 11st7lb BMI: 29.6 Loss: 3st3lb(19.23%)
Welcome back trivenam
Like you I have restarted this week. I didnt maintain properly and just got carried away. I made an attempt to restart and didnt get past day 4 I think it was because I knew I could do it and decided to eat but failed to stop I go for my weigh in friday so really pleased that I have stuck with it. Good luck xx

sparkle 63

sparkling:)and hopeful :)
S: 22st12lb C: 16st5lb BMI: 37 Loss: 6st7lb(28.44%)
good luck hun x


maintaining since June'09
S: 15st9.5lb C: 10st13.6lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 24.8 Loss: 4st9.9lb(30.02%)
Best of Luck!! x


Getting there!!!
S: 16st0lb C: 15st4lb G: 11st2lb BMI: 35.6 Loss: 0st10lb(4.46%)
thanks a mil everyone! although i dont see any familiar faces here anymore?? i suppose everyone who started wen i did succeeded! haha! right so im off to have my first chocolate shake :) x x x see you all tonight!!
S: 14st5lb C: 10st11lb G: 11st5lb BMI: 27.6 Loss: 3st8lb(24.88%)
:welcome: Good luck on your LT journey to slimness and fitness, we will all give you every encouragement, darlin' so jump right in and give it 100% and you will totally succeed!


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S: 12st7lb C: 10st6lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 23.6 Loss: 2st1lb(16.57%)
Welcome back and good luck!


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S: 12st3lb C: 12st3lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 27.6 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
warmest welcomes from the emerald isle, may the luck of the irish be with you:party0011:


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S: 18st10lb C: 18st10lb G: 14st8lb BMI: 42.3 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Good luck with it hun
I came back last week & not finding it TOO bad. First restart in about 6 months that I havent messed about on day 2
Heres to slim bods for summer!!

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