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Hellybelly17's journey.

Well here I am again back on weightwatchers. I have been at the beginning of this journey far too many times but this time I am determined that this will be the last time, I am going to stick to this, and I am never, ever going to allow the weight to creep back on again.
I am doing this not only because I hate the way I look and feel, but also because I hate being out of breath after a couple of minutes running around after my 2 girls, and because my blood pressure is still higher than it should be after having my second baby 2 years ago. I have been today and had it checked and it is still too high at 130 / 90 but this time they have said that it has been too high for too long now, I have got to go back again in 2 weeks to have it rechecked and again 2 weeks after that and then they will make a desicion as to whether to put me on tablets for the rest of my life. I really don't want that so am making a real determined effort to loose weight before the next check in 2 weeks time.
I have started a food diary on here, and hubby is doing it with me again (although of course he has 10 extra points than me and always looses much quicker than me but I won't let this get me down).

So please any encouragement or help will be gratefully taken.

I can do this, I can do this, I can do this.
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good luck with this hun. i'm sure with the reasons you have to lose weight, that you will find you have a lot more focus this time around xxx
Feeling positive again today. Kept myself busy so not wanted to eat and planned ahead so the meals themselves kept me well within points. Also had a sneaky weigh (I know I shouldn't until Sunday but couldn't help myself) and so far seem to have lost approx 3lbs. Here's hoping its still off on Sunday morning.
Hi Hun :) super well done starting your new life
I've done ww and many other plans over the years and started ww thus journey on 1st march , I was a couch spud, walking a small hill left me breathless now I go to 3-4 exercise classes a week and have list 3 stones, have 4.5 stone to lose but will get there, at mo I'm having gains but gave stuck to plan 100%
I've 3 girls so I know how important it is to you to get fit for them.

I'd forget your last attempts they were warm ups this is the new you new plan and I hope you enjoy it :) xxx cherry
Thank you everyone. Feeling pretty pleased with myself today. 5lb off. Woohoo. Alright I know it is the first week so a lot of that is fluid but its still not bad going. My treat toay was a beautiful roast beef dinner I did, but even with that and how filling it was I am still on track to stay within points so here's to the rest of the journey. Might have a glass of wine later.
Week 2, another 4lbs lost. I know it will start to slow down soon but am making the most of it while it lasts. Everyone will be back at school soon so routines will drop back properly into place and I am hoping that helps to keep it off too.
Hello there, wow what good losses you've had! I'm restarting again after initially getting to go but I let it slide.

Goodluck with your journey this time x

Suz x


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Hi, well done on the losses so far, you're doing really well! xx
Thank you everyone for your kind words. I have to say that I am impressed with the start I have made this time around, but I am ready for the big crash when it all slows down. This site is so helpful though, with everyone around to help and to keep me motivated. Brilliant.
Bit disappointed with myself as I stayed the same. I know it is because I tried to do it without writing things down every day so will go back to that next week, and hopefully I will have another loss.
You live and learn, and at least I didn't put any on.
Hi Hb, Well done with the new start. It's sickening when the OH loses most but that is often the way with men. Good that your not letting the staying the same get you down. Onwards and Upwards!
I have found keeping my hands busy by coming on here is a great boost and keeps ones mind off food. I know that is not always easy when you have a family to look after but the mindset is just the same even at my crockety old age of 76.:D
All the best.
Thank you every one for your kind thoughts and motivations. I am a bit gutted this week that I have only lost 1lb. I know it is a lb and it is off and that I am heading in the right direction but my clothes seem to be fitting much better this week, and I even got comfortably into an old pair of jeans so I expected more to come off. Still I am still heading the right way so will keep going and see what next week has to offer me.
Just keep going and you'll get there! :)
Well done on the 1lb off! xx
2lb on this week. Well quite expected really. we have gone completely off the rials and had everything this week that we have been denied while on the diet. Chocolate, chips, curry, kebab. You name it we have had it. Buckling back down to it proper again this week now though.

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