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HELP! Any post tummy tuck success stories to give me hope??!!

Hello folks, I'm a brand new member - only second time of logging on so I'd just like to say helloooo....as well as....

I'm a 30 yr old (just turned it , eek!) fun, funky and sprightly young gilry -am 5'8 and now weight 17.3lb - I was 23stone but have lost 6 stone on Slimming World and a LOT of gym work, but am now back on Slimming World and the gym hardcore as need to shift another 5/6 stone - want to be goal weight of around 11st and look good - but more importantly get my confidence back as currently have NONE and its affecting ALL areas of my life, darn it...

But...I'm a worried girl.... Although I'm exercising like there is no tomorrow and watching what I eat ( i really AM determined to shift this excess weight) I seem to be developing a fair bit of excess skin..and am scared, worried, concerned, whatever its called -to the poihnt of it putting me off losing more weight as I look awful and in my mind am considering is it best to be bigger but totally unhappy, or thinner AND have excess skin - which in my mind = unhappiness...either way, it seems I am skuppered... Has anyone been through this, of course you have, but what advice would you give to abdominoplasty...If I can afford it, I would be game, but am PETRIFIED i will look worse than I started....

What say you??

Any advice on abdominoplasty, stories, before/after pics etc would be greatly appreciated as I am one very disheartened girl at the moment...

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Hi there,

First of all you are young and your skin will bounce back, if you would just give it a chance. Use Palmer's Firming Butter every night and keep losing, and more importantly, exercising. It is no way better to stay big for that reason because you don't even know how your skin will improve yet. I read somewhere that if you have saggy skin it is because you simply have more fat to lose, and more toning to do as it only sags on fatty tissue, not when there is muscle underneath.

Secondly, go to www.dietgirl.org and take heart. Shauna was 25 stone about 8 years ago and is now 12 and a half stone and she had no saggy skin at the end of it.

And thirdly, when you get right down to target and you really do have ripples of excess skin (which I very much doubt) you can approach the burns unit in hospitals who will do it for free as they need the skin! But believe me, it will not come to that. You are going to be so happy when you get to target and your skin is going to be fine.
Frances, thanks for that...Really appreciate it, I'm excersising morning and evening at the gym, Im paying for a personal trainer once a week and it just would be a kick in the teeth to get down to "goal" weight and then still not be able to have confidence and worse..be left with huge amounts of saggy skin *eek*. The cost of surgery is a major thing too, but from just reading some stories NHS seems like a postcode lotto on IF they would do it...then again, I'm not wanting something for nothing, if I could afford it id pay upfront..doh...Just want to get confident again...I'll look at that link you mentioned and just keep reading the ladies' stories ..I guess I have to crack on and get the rest of the weight off and then I'll be able to see the "damage" I need to deal with...Just hating the idea of getting down to goal weight and then have to squash excess skin into my underwear *eek* ;-) It kind of ruins the illusion of being all "nice and trim"..Right, I shall go onwards and upwards.. Perhaps starting a blog of weight loss might be good...Am just figuring out my way round this site..Anyhoo - A million thanks for your advice Frances :)


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Hi and welcome. I don't know anything about surgery but suggest you take it slowly and aim to lose more pounds that way. You have lost so much already. Congratulations

Irene xx

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