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Help can't find pork scratchings!

I was so excited last after asking BF to pick some up for me from local shop, but they didn't have any.

Then today went to both Aldi and Lidl and neither had any. Asked and was told it's a speciality item that they only stock twice a year.

So I'm going to have to buy some online or go down the pub everyday!

What are the best ones to get?
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not a fan of the things but think a staple in most proper butcher shops


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I brought some from LIDL today, they stack them in odd places, you really have to hunt. I normally buy them on a weekly basis from them <shrug>.
We must be really unlucky here as I asked in the shop and they don't have them. Tried local small co-op, but will see if the bigger one has them.
If anyone can recommend a specific brand I'll just order them in bulk online. You can order 50 odd packs, which will keep me going, but just need to get recommendations on brands.


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I prefer Mr Porkys and got them in Tesco today. I've also got them from Sainsburys and my local garage which is a Somerfield shop. I had some Pub Originals last week but they tasted really beefy, almost Marmiteish!


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I can't get them anymore at my local Tesco - but you can get Mr Porky online :)


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LOL I was thinking of it - but still full from my Mim two hours ago.

Sometimes I really fancy the Pub Originals, because they don't have the fat on them - but depends what's available, really! :)
Will order some Mr Porkys online then I think. It's because I have it in my head that I want some and can't have any that I'm even more desperate!
Bleuch! Can't abide the things!
Found some in my local Spar! After I'd ordered loads online. Thanks everyone :)
Just a thought, check the carbs, not all scratchings are low carb I'm afraid.
Thanks Jim. Found that when looking in the Spar, but thankfully they had Mr Porkys there. BF getting very good at checking carbs for me too! He found me 0 carb bacon in Aldi!
oooh, that's good, though I did think all bacon was zero carbs, apart from the honey cured and stuff.
Haha, maybe it has! He thought he'd done so well :)

Despite finding some at Spar, I'd ordered some online from an Ebay and they are the nicest I've ever had, although they have some carbs - 1.6g per 100g and it's a 75g pack. How does this compare to others? Oh dear, I fear I'm becoming a little obsessed lol

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