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HELP......Does it really get easier????

Hi Guys,

I'm on day 3 of CD SS and I am struggling big time! :sigh: I have been perfect until now, but I am so tempted to eat something I shouldn't, because I know everyone says get past day 3 and then the diet becomes easier?? Does it really?????

I have done Lighter Life before for about 4 weeks but can't remember feeling like this.
I keep reading about everyones success's with the hope of it motivating me but it's not working!!:argh:
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My third and fourth day was terrible, then it defiantly got easier. Just try to stick it out for one more day, and hopefully it will be better. Just do one hour at the time, and keep busy with other stuff :D
It does definitely get easier when you can have the bars and the mix a mousse - unfortunately not until week 3 though. You only have a few more days until your first weigh in - then you will have the inspiration resulting from a big loss to keep you motivated.
Tough it out - it's only the demons whispering in your ear as they're frightened you're going to leave them.............
it absolutely does get easier. Many people find days 3-5 very difficult just before you get into Ketosis but you will get there!

Keep telling yourself just why you are doing this!

It does get easier. My 4th day was the worst, as I went into ketosis and it got better from there. It took a couple of weeks for the 'head' cravings to go, although the physical hunger disappeared when I went into ketosis. I'm not saying that I don't still have food cravings now because I do, but I can cope with them better. I've been on this diet for 101 days now and been 100% all the way. If I can do it, anyone can!


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I can't say anymore then the other lovely ppl on here has already.. But what I will say is that before I did CD, I hated myself, didn't like my body and shyed away from anything social.

I then started CD, the first 5 days were awful and I kept thinking what if it doesn't work? I kept at it and by day 7, I was ready to give up too.. Had my 1st WI and had lost 8lb. Now thats a lower loss for the 1st week, but wowww, I had never done that EVER.

So that was my motivation and this support forum has been my life saver. DO NOT give up, you will kick yourself for it! Only a few days to go to your first WI and you will be sooo amazed at how much you have lost! I prommise :) xxx
It definitely does get easier :)
I hardly ever even think about food anymore.
In the beginning I wasn't like that!
I used a lot of distraction and have never had so many baths in my life!!
You've done so well so far and once the weight starts to come off it makes it easier.
I'm on day 5 and trust me it definately gets easier, i bounced out of bed this morning full of energy something i haven't done in years.

I also haven't felt hungry today at all, despite doing an hour in the gym this morning and cleaning my house top to bottom. I've even managed to resist the left over curry i made for everyone.

Please, please stick with it, it is so worth it, i have had a sneaky peak at the scales and i'm already showing a 9lbs loss and i don't WI until Saturday.


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It does absolutely get easier, honestly! Once you get your first weight loss you get spurred on. Stick with it, you'll be so pleased that you did :)
With everyone here

Im into week 6 at 100% no cheating and didnt seriously think i'd last this long without food :eek:

At times now the thought of food makes me feel sick and sweet things ..omg im well off choc!!!! after having sweet shakes for sooo long its put me off anything sweet :confused:

Would kill for a chinese though :D


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Promise, it does get easier, it really does. I was in the doldrums on day 3 but stuck with it and suddenly by day 5 I was absolutely feeling fine (I did end up taking day 4 off work, big wet lettuce - but worth doing, if you're feeling rotten)

Take it one minute at a time, but I promise, stick with it and you can't fail to feel better.


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Agree with everyone else here, it gets so so much easier! I've got my 2nd WI tomorrow and haven't been hungry for the past week, my head needs to catch up a bit...but even thats getting better now!

Keep at it and you will reap the rewards xx
I'm coming to the end of week ten and I can say HELL YEAH it gets easier, I felt much better after I got over the hell of day 3.

HANG ON IN THERE day 3 is nearly over. xxxx
Thanks everyone for trying to keep me motivated!

I have to confess I gave in, and I cheated and now I feel really bad about it, it wasn't a massive cheat it was a pack of wafer thin ham!!!!
I am forfeiting my last shake tonight as punishment and I just hope that I able to get back on track tomorrow??


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Hey try not to worry too much. Just think you gave in.. but hey ho it's in the past and now time to focus on the future.

Make sure you do have your shake though, as it's got all your vitamins minerals etc and you'll be lacking them otherwise. Don't punish yourself for one mistake xx
I feel such a failure . . . . I had the day off from work and sat in the garden, I know I'm best to keep myself as busy as possible obviously sitting sunbathing wasn't a good idea (to much time to think about how hungry I was) !!
Oh well, I may not have lost any weight today, but hopefully I'll be tanned lol


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It's not like your gorged on loads of crap! SO doubt it's going to have a major effect on your weight loss..

You are not a failure, don't put yourself down. Pick yourself up, brush yourself down and get your positive head back on x
I will just confirm that it def does get easier work your way through the next few days and the rewards will be so worth it xxx
Just wanted to add keep on at it! I found the first week really tough let alone first 3 days- i'm sure it took me that long to get into ketosis as I had so many carbs in my system, but I really am feeling so much better now and not as 'weak'. Don't worry about the ham, just move on with the plan from now. X

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