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Help! Hair loss!!


Guess who's back...?
Hi everyone,

I've started really suffering with the old hair loss that is talked about. It was fine for the first three months but is getting quite hardcore now and I wondered if there were any vitamin supplements that I should/could take to help this... any ideas? :confused:

Any advice would be most useful! I am embarrassed to let my hair down because it just literally drops out and leaves a little trail everywhere I go - sob... luckily I had a LOT of hair to start with, so not worried about going bald - but I'd rather not risk it! Hehe. :eek:

I know we get vits through the packs, but I think I need a boost!! Will that cause me probs, or will my body just reject what it doesn't need...?

Righty then - hope to hear from you!!

Anna xx
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Fighting Demons....
Have you considered having it cut?! Like really short!? Hair grows remember. But shorter hair is stronger hair cus it's all newer than when its longer, if I am making sense.

My bath hates me. Hair gets everywhere when I wash it! And it just falls out in little clumps. I cant tell by looking at my hair but I know because of how much falls out when I brush or wash it! So I'm slowly going blond! It's harder to tell on lighter hair too! But I have told myself that if it gets a lot worse, its getting chopped off - Rihanna stylee!!

B x


Guess who's back...?
Haha - well, it's not "short" short yet - although I did have about seven inches cut off a month or so ago when I had the fringe put in... my plan was to go for a short Rihanna cut (you probs saw my pic in my Facebook profile pics, hehe) when I reached goal... kind of my celebratory milestone, so don't really want to do it before.

I've just read something about Vitamin B helping... just not sure if it should be taken 'as well as' the foodpacks :( Hmmm....

A xx
i was just talking to my sister who has done liter life and she dosnt want to do it again as her hair fell out, I made a comment and she said hadnt she told me about that as a side effect well she hadnt but as I am doing W8 which is similar but allows real food my hair is actually in better condition than before. You should have a look at the website and see what you think as you are so close to goal it may help re introduce you to food better than LL.
Hi Anna

I did LL last year and finished up in July. Right before I started RTM and all through it my hair fell out in handfuls and also went quite light like Bek said. In the end I did cut it short like Rhianna as it was starting to get so messy when blowdrying. After a few months it stopped falling out and is back to normal now although I have kept it short.

So hang in there, your body will adjust and it will settle down! Hope this puts your mind at ease!

Mand xx
I did LL 3 years ago for 5 months and my hair was fine, it just depends on the individual. Don't want to put anyone off it xxx
Hi Anna

It's possible that your recent lapses brought it on, and it may pass now that you are back in abstainance. When ou are in ketosis your hair stops growing, therefore, it stops shedding. We shed hundreds of strands a day normally. ...but not in ketosis.

Then when food is reintroduced, the hair 'wakes up' and starts moving again - therefore you shed all at once basically, what you would have been shedding each day.

Usually if it happens, its not untill RTM, which makes me think your lapse may have caused it - so hopefully, it will stop soon.

But - someone on this site last year spoke very highly of Boots brand of hair vitamins. So you might want to try those and give it a kick in the right direction.

:) Hope that helps.
well, it slows considerably - your body functions all slow down as much as possible as the body thinks it is going onto starvation....it focuses and saves all its energy for the torso area - all the organs, etc., to look after them - they are the priorty...that is why your arms and feet get colder then usuall, etc. and hair and nail growth slows down, etc. SOrry for the confusion. :)


Guess who's back...?
Thanks Blonde - that makes loads of sense... will see what happens now I am back on packs only. I did wonder if the lapses made it worse... partly because on 'lapse' days, I'd cut down my packs to compensate... therefore losing the full RDA of some vitamins - but your explanation seems much more thought through.

Will give it another week and if it's just as bad/worse, will go to Boots and accost the pharmacist :p

Thank you!! xx
I did LL 3 years ago for 5 months and my hair was fine, it just depends on the individual. Don't want to put anyone off it xxx
Thats the main thing - it is very individual. I didn;t lose any until RTM, and its not been awful - just look a biot scraggy now and again! But people just assume I've been on my motorcycle :D

I have to disagree that swapping to W8 is the answer. I am sure its a great diet - in fact I would have considered if too if I had heard of it before LL - but LL is its own diet, and W8 is its own - one diet surely cannot end another diet better then the original diet's design and intent. IYKWIM. lol :)


Guess who's back...?
That's funny because my nails are growing faster and my hair is definately growing faster too. Am a weirdo ...
LOL!! Yeah, you weirdo... :8855:

To be honest I haven't paid too much attention to how quickly or slowly things have grown - I know my hair was still growing - but, again, dunno how fast... but I have had to have my new fringe trimmed a few times in the last month.

Who knows... the body does what it needs to do - and sometimes that isn't neccessarily what we want/expect... just trust in it, let it do it's thing, and we'll be ok :)

A xx
I asked my friend about this and councilor, they both said its temporary and take vitamins. So it will grow back thick don't worry about it.
That's funny because my nails are growing faster and my hair is definately growing faster too. Am a weirdo ...
Nope! Just lucky! Like I was with the other side effects - I was never cold - not once, and I never had bad breath/metal taste either.

SOme are just lucky. :) My hair didn't grow - but has always been slow growing. BUt it was very very healthy during abstainance!

And as said - all unique. No two experiences will ever be exact. :)



now I'm eating again my hair had been coming out in handfulls. But I'm like you Anna, had very thick hair to start with so I'm not too worried about being bald. Have a dog a similar colour so lame the hair everywhere on him. Not sure how he gets in in the plughole though!
It's started growing back now and looks rather wild at the front to say the least but I'm sure it'll settle down in no time and be silky smooth once again!
It'll probably get worse before it gets better Anna, I'm not sure what supplements you can take but try not to worry about it..ot it'll fall out even quicker! xx

Serena A

Can't think of a title
Hi Anna

I started losing hair around 4 weeks into CD sole source, someone mentioned Perfectil which is a vitamin supplement for nails and hair. However I noticed that Sainsbury's own brand had the same levels of vitamins/extracts and were a 1/3 of the price at £2.99 for 30 tablets.

Within a couple of weeks of taking the Sainsbury's ones the hairloss stopped. I had around 5 meals off-plan spaced out during December, didn't go mad but I have since started to lose a bit of hair again so the theory of lapses kick-starting hair loss would make sense to me.

Hope this helps x

Serena A

Can't think of a title
Hi Laststraw

Yeah my hair has always been thin too, I've started putting it up so I don't need to keep frazzling it by straightening it, however someone asked me yesterday whether I'd had my hair cut and when I said no, they said "but you don't look like you have enough hair for it all to be clipped up like that - are you sure you haven't cut it?" :cry: Having said that at least I can now put my hair up without looking like a hunchback because I'm very top heavy and used to have a really fat back and shoulders and wore my hair loose to cover them - they don't look so bad anymore!!

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