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HELP! Hair

Hi All

I have been off LT now for about 6 weeks and have a bit of a problem my hair which never fell out whilst on LT is now coming out in HUGE chunks and im not imaginging how huge they are people are noticing.
I have very fine hair and its starting to show, Im not sure if i should go to the doctors as it could be the LT and therefore it will stop eventually as my vitamins n minerals etc even out but it could also be alopecia caused by stress as I have had it before in the past , though i dont feel particularly stressed.

ARGHHH help ! what should I do go to the doctors and risk wasting his time if it was LT or should i hang on another couple of weeks and wait and see

Has anyone else had this problem post LT and when did it stop .. its been going on for about 3 weeks now

Gen x
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Hey, I'm exactly the same, my hair is coming out in lumps. I have really thick hair and people are noticing that's how much has come out. It's been about 4 weeks now and i'm stressing (and that's suppose to make it worse)

Does anyone know if it goes away?????


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I was gonna do a post about this on the main thread of LT but i didn't want to be a kill joy for the people who are really really trying to stick with the programe.
The hair loss was really bad after the refeed. I did the diet correctly and like that my hair fell out in chunks. So much so i was clogging the hoover. It calmed down after about 3-4 weeks but i had to get my hair restyled to cover the bald patches.
As i went back on the diet a second time i thought this was something to do with it but other people didn't.
It was a price i had to pay for the weight i lost so it made me more determined never to put the weight back on. It does grow back ....slowley.
Sorry for being so blunt but that just the way it is. Hope it sorts itself.
Keep smiling:D


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My hair started falling out 2 months ago, and has continued at a steady rate. I have thin hair and people have noticed, but it's all over, no bald patches as such.
It worries me, but I didn't come off LT until I has a weird seizure type thing (again I didn't post it on the main forum, for the same reasons as Teg). I had been getting progressively more dizzy, at first it was only lying to standing, but eventually it was sitting to standing or just if I'd been standing too long. Then last Tuesday I got out of bed a too quick, and in the hall the world began to spin, and then my joints began to move on their own, and I fell down, and I couldn't control the movements of my body, I just kept jerking. It probably only lasted 30s, and then I couldn't remember where I was or why I was there. I decided to Refeed the following day within the hour. I'm assuming it was linked to the dizziness because it started with dizziness, though it might have nothing to do with LT.
I was talking to one of the doctors in college and they suggested it was because of an electrolye inbalance, probably from being on LT too long.
My dizziness has improved already, even though I'm two days off the diet!!!

Don't get me wrong tho, LT is amazing, I'm a huge fan, you just have to listen to what your body tells you.

Omg I am shocked about the hair loss when does this normally happen as I have noticed alot more coming out over the last couple of weeks? I dont want to be bald by the time my wedding comes around, now yas have me worried!!
Hi Guys, Im really noticing that my hair is falling out - in the shower it comes out in big chunks! I do have thick hair so it is not noticable - but people are forever pulling my hairs off their clothes etc and making comments about my hairs lying around everywhere... This has been happening for a few weeks... im really hoping this stops soon!!!
Holy Sh*t this is freaking me out, I've got rally thin hair anyway and if i started to lose it i'd be bald in no time, when does this start happening guys? when you been on LT a long time or does it just depend? I'm truely thinking that it's not worth it, so scared about the hair loss. OMG. Too scared to even think about it.
Help :cry:
Janie xx
it happened me about 2 months after i came off it.. hair just thinned lots fell out didnt go bald r anytin
Did you only do TFR for 8 weeks? Do you think that the length of time you are on it has anything to do with it? I really feel like coming off it straight away now, the fear of having to try to restyle my hair to cover thin patches is very scary! Don't know what to do. Sorry if I'm being a complete drama queen but it was just such a shock to read this thread.
Janie x
yeah ost what i wanted to in 8 wks.. goin back on now to loose a further stone. my hair was thin enuf to begin with so i noticed it more but others didnt. im thinkin of askin the pharmacist could it be possible to take a supplement along with the diet this time. when i came off lipo trim took a supplement for a few months. you hair falls out because of the same reasons why it does during or after pregnacy i think i read that b4 somethin got to do with ur body goin in to shock with the little food so what ever nutrients coming in are used in other parts of the body so durin it ul find ur hair n nails wont be growing. ur hair folical goes in to a dormant stage and will only fall out when a new hair is growning,, so i llooked at it as if ..well if its fallin out somthin is gowin underneath! thinks thats the story behind it correct me if im wrong!
Thanks blondie, that's made me feel slightly easier, I think I'll ask my pharmacist a bit more about it at WI on Monday, I just had a baby and started Lipotrim as soon as I finished breast feeding, but I can't say my hais ever thinned either pregnancy nor after either of them. Do you think this happens to everyone? I'm thinking that it can't have been too bad as you are restarted? Good luck with your weight loss babe, and thanks for your kind reply.
Lol Janie x
no prob chick.. anytime! any questions give me a shout! dont think it happens to every one but there is extremes in many cases like i hav heard of people who lost a lot of hair and people who lost none. if u lost no hair after a baby u should be fine.

read this.. might help
eMedicine - Telogen Effluvium : Article by Elizabeth CW Hughes
Thanks babe I read that article it has reassured me a bit too. Just going to start praying it doesn't happen to me! Hope you get to the goal you're looking for love, and hope all your hair stays intact this time!!
Janie xxx
heheh me too!!!! good luck!
Hi, thanks for posting the link to that article it was good to read that. i think that Lipotrim should make people aware of this side effect - to be honest it has caused me some distress and worry. Thankfully I cannot notice the difference but when i wash my hair it is kinda freaky to see how much comes out. It has been happening to me for over 1 month - I really hope it stops soon.

I think it would be better to have know that this could happen and understand why it is happening. Thanks for sharing the article again xox
no prob... i worried too!!!!! but no so much to stop lt
didnt realise this thread was still going on! update anyway went to the doctors last week as its still falling out in chunks im suprised im not a baldy anyway he deffo reckons its to do with a lack of something whilst on LT cant remember what he said as i was in there for a stinking cold and chucked the hair loss in as an afterthought but he said i must have been lacking in it for a few weeks.. 11 to be exact !

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