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help I am so down

I am on day 3 of ss of cd. I am moody & depressed. i have already cheated, ate half of a chicken nugget that my daughter had left. cant say I am hungery, just miss something to chew fed up with black coffee and water.
Wondering if I have made a big mistke , i know I need to loose the weight . I did it when my ex husband was here and lost 6 1/2 in about to years. met a new fella and the weight has been slowly creeping back on got 5 stones to loose. Trying to keep busy , but I have always been ones for lots of baths and dont do early nights , I only need aboutt 6 hours sleep.had to cook tea for my fella and the kids and it is stressing me out because I cant have proper food. I am going onn holiday in a little over 2 weeks and dont know how I am going to be able to cope not being able to have a meal out with evryone. help please dont know what to do:cry:
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Hey Frankie,
So sorry you feel down but try not to dwell on what your missing out on your obviously wanting to lose weight and you know this is going to work so try focussing on the positives those pounds melting away, new clothes not feeling bloated and uncomfortable on your hols.

Just dont panic if you cant stay positive then maybe try the 790 or 1000 plan so you can still lose with food .

If CD isnt for you dont beat yourself up it works but not for everyone be nice to yourself and find a way that works for you if you wind yourself up your more likely to binge !

Smile and be proactive positive and you can do anything if you want it enough ,
Take care wishing you well Tatty Head XXXXXX

it is really nice to know there is someone out there to talk to. i really did not think I would find it this hard . My ex made me parnoid about my weight , s much so I lost a lot before. Think a lot of it was him constantly nagging at me that kept me doing it. Now I am with someone who lets me be me. but I have become lazy put the weight on and now i hve now self confidence and dislike myself . really want o lose weight and thought that maybe being able to loose a bit fairly quickly would give me some self worth back.:wave_cry:
Hi Frankie,
If your OH loves you the way you are thats wonderful . If you want to change its well within your power to do that but if CD is too tough at the moment then ease up on yourself you can lose weight with food too dont panic dont feel that your a lesser person because of your weight because you are not that much i am sure of . There are many ways of making yourself feel better maybe you need to try something different make an exercise plan get some feel good endorphins rushing about your system enjoy your life and dont let your weight be the be all and end all and maybe losing weight will become a bit easier if you can relax about it .
(Here i speak from experience )

CD can be rough for the 1st few days and if you can hab=ng in there you will feel great but if you cant it wont be the end of the world enjoy being you Frankie your great we all our fat or thin !

Really hope you feel better soon lotsa love Tatty Head XXX
Hey Frankie

Hope you feel better now. I too had a nasty ex how made me feel completely worthless and even more paranoid about my weight. For a long time I didn't want to anything about my weight because it felt like it might be just to prove something to him...

You should lose weight for only you! And to make you feel better. Please don't think that you are failure for struggling with CD - it is a tough diet and I really admire you for trying it - I couldn't do it! Give it a good go and if it doesn't work for you - that is okay! There are other plans and diets out there it is case of finding what works for you.:):):)

I needed to lose 5 stone and 5 pounds when I started out, I've now lost 2 stone and four pounds since september (doing the GI diet) and feel masses better already. So hang in there and goodluck with whatever diet you decide to do.

Take care
Luv CC xxx xxx xxx

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