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Help me my mums driving me mad

I have just had a blazing and i mean blazing row with my mum and the 1st thing i've done is come on here because i need some support :mad::cry::mad:

I had weigh in last night and i lost 2lb, the previous week i lost 5lb so half a stone in a 2 weeks i am over the moon.

Bearing in mind i've lost 4 and a half stone in the last yr im pretty pleased with myself.

Now i know im not the only one but right now my mum is making me feel like i am.

Her big problem with me is my tuesday night treat night. Last night i had a small doner kebab and a slice of chocolate cake...
Half an hour ago i walked downstairs and heard her moaning about it to my dad ... she reckons i've put the 2lb back on with what i consumed last night and that if she was doing it she'd be thinking to herself im not going to eat that kebab i want to lose more next week.... and so on and on i just erupted at her cos im fed up to my back teeth of her at the moment. She's naturally slim never has to worry about what she eats never had to diet and so on an on an on....
Right now i feel like i could eat and eat and eat. I was so happy last night now im deflated.

Please tell me im not the only one who has treat night god im so upset
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You are not the only one chick. I live for my tuesday night treat!

Okay, so if we didn't have it maybe we would lose a little more on a weekly basis but if we do have our treats and still lose then so what??

You have done so well, and you have done that by having your WI treat so there really isn't a problem. By having these mini blow-outs we feel less deprived, and I know you shouldn't feel deprived on SW but having that little bit more sometimes makes such a difference.

You are not the only one, you really are not.

Keep smiling, you have done incredibly well and that's with having your little treat.



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I am one of the ones who have treat night after weigh in - it is the only way that I could keep on plan, knowing that I have something to look forward to.
So this week, my first weigh in after getting back to it, me and OH had a small chinese takeaway - about half of what we used to have - and some wine.
I feel that I have been rewarded and know that I will stick to plan until next Monday.
Maybe you need to explain to your mum about how you feel and get her to see your side of the argument.

Hope that this helps - but also stay away from the biscuit tin !!!:D:D


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At the end of the day whats it got to do with your mum it's your diet it's your rules you have done incredibly well, people who have fast metabolisms don't realise at all how hard it is, my mum is bigger than me and still criticises me when i have my treat you just have tyo learn to think mmmm four stones back off i know what i'm doing!!!!!! well done you and don't you dare feel deflated half a stone in two weeks is ace XXXXXX


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I have weigh in tonight then I plan to have a treat. I had 6 hi fi bars after last weeks one, don't worry hon, you deserve a treat. My mum is naturally slim, don't you just hate people who can eat and eat and stay slim. If I were you I'd wait til next weeks weigh in and really rub it in when you've lost more weight!!
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I agree with Henny. Stick with it and you will be able to say "told you so" after your next weigh in!

It's tough when people criticise or make comments, but just try to brush it off, and carry on for YOU!
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I have treat night - mon i had 20 sainsburys mini caramel shortcake thingies mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm


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Tel your mum that what you're doing isn't dieting as such, you're changing your eating lifestyle. Yes you're losing weight, but if you want to maintain your weight when you reach target you have to learn how to eat sensibly whilst still being able to enjoy treats occasionally. Point out that life does get in the way of losing weight and that if you denied yourself the occasional treat that you would crave it all the more and then you're in danger of binging. So long as you use flex syns to equal out your splurge I don't see what the problem is.
Last week I promised myself that if I lost 2 lb this week and 'behaved' myself from WI till the weekend, that I would treat myself to a curry with all the trimmings....even naan bread :drool: I don't see what you are doing is any different. I think it helps us to keep on track rather than fall off the wagon.


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I don't have treat night, simply because I can't get back on plan if I do - but if you can do it then good on you! Your mum's jealous of you methinks
thanks everyone for your kind words.
i have calmed down now... its just i didnt wanna carry on the row so i took myself to my room and vented my frustrations on here!
she's forgotten about it now ands even asking me if she can have some of my chilli con carni tonight!!!lol
thanks guys

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