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Help me plan for my holidays?


Laserbeams set on goal
Hiya chaps!

I'm going on holiday for a week on the 21st -- really looking forward to it!

I'm only going to Dorset, but has anyone had experience of holidaying whilst on CD?

I'm planning on taking 14 Tetra packs and 7 shakes to keep things up, but to be honest I think OH and I might go out for a meal or two a couple of evenings.

Do you think this is a good plan? :confused: I'm a bit petrified of having a gain tbh...
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I had a couple of holidays along the way, took all my packs and stayed SS on one of them and the other coincided with AAM so I had cottage cheese whilst hubby had a fry up!! If you can stick with it that is what I would do as once you are into the rythmn it would be a shame not to.

Good luck with whatever you decide and most importantly enjoy your hols!

Hi Sunnysmile, i'm like you, having a break in scarborough next week and was thinking the same as you. I've stocked up on tetras and shakes, but I was thinking one evening i'm just going to have a very low carb meal. Can't have my hubby scoffing all the good stuff, he and kids will be eating icecream and fish and chips on the beach, so I think I can treat myself for just one night (maybe a chicken breast), I just got to careful not to knock myself out of ketosis.
I'm going to Florida on Saturday and I have discussed it with my CDC and decided to eat sensibly whilst I am away but I will eat. I now have 1stone left to lose, so I think that with this little break I will be in the right frame of mind when I come back to carry on and reach my target. I hope you have a wonderful holiday in Dorset and that this weather keeps up for you. Its been really nice the last few days
I've got a break coming up too. My last trip was a disaster and was nearly the end of my diet. I decided to have a planned break and get right back to it when I got back. I started cheating before I went because I had it in my mind I'd be eating soon anyway and decided just to start again when I got back then when I got back I couldn't get back into it. I ended up wasting a couple of months really. I've only just got started back properly and my trip was in April! I put on a stone in that time and only this week back to where I was before I went.

I've got another long weekend coming up and I'm determined not to let it happen again. I'm on the 790 plan and we're going away in the caravan so I've no excuses expecially since hubby is on this too but if he wasn't and we were eating out I'd probably stick to tetras/bars in the day, low carb and no alcohol. It's easy enough to get a chicken or steak and salad and that'd keep you in ketosis. drink sparking water from a wine glass and you don't feel so left out.

You're doing well. It'd be a shame to spoil it now. You'll still have a great holiday knowing you're not going to go back with a gain. Good Luck and have a great time xx


Laserbeams set on goal
Thank you lovelies xx

That's a great help -- I really wasn't sure whether it would put a dampener on things if I was following a diet (amazing how much 'enjoyment' time revolves around food, isn't it!! :giggle: )

At least I know if we do go out, I could try and pick something as low carb as possible for minimum damage. Fingers crossed it doesn't cause me too much worry!


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