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help needed guys

hi guys,
thank you for the best wishes for the weight l lost, l went on the wii on sunday and found that l have regained the weight back on again. I have been doing the extra easy plan and filling my plate with veg and potatoes as l do not have meat but l have read in another book that you should only fill your plate 2 3rds full with veg is this where l am going wrong.
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Hi Jan

If you're not eating meat then you should really be doing the green plan. You can eat potatoes, and veg. You should also be having two Healthy Extra As and two B choices, as well as your syns.
Then there's drinking lots of water, which can help speed up your loss.

Do you keep a food diary? Perhaps if you share it with us we can look and pinpoint what the problem might be.

Didn't you talk to your consultant about it?

Hi HelliCopter,
thanks for replying l do not go to classes l am doing it myself out of the old books l have plus magazines, it said in the extra easy you can have all free foods on red and green so that is what l have been doing .
so far today l have had
breakfast 2 veggie sausages baked beans and mushrooms l cup of coffee.

2 slices weightwatchers danish brown bread, Vitalite spread and 2 slices quorn chicken, l apple and l satsuma l cup of tea.

Dinner l jacket potato and a dannone feel fuller yougart 2 cups of tea

quorn chicken, l satsuma and l apple l cup of tea


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You need to discuss with your consultant what plan will suit you as you are not eating meat, if you are a vegetarian then you really should be on the green plan as Hellie says, but discuss it with your C first, and see what she advises for you, good luck.


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hi. i always do green days as i don't eat meat. As already mentioned you can have 2 hea's and 2 heb's as well as your 15 syns. Keep going and post questions if you need more help:)
S: 11st3.0lb C: 11st7.0lb G: 9st7.0lb BMI: 27.6 Loss: -0st4lb(-2.55%)
There's no point in doing Extra Easy if you're not eating meat, honey! Yes, the EE plan says you can eat free foods from red and green, but as a lot of the free foods on red are meat and fish and you're not eating them, you might as well do green and have the healthy extras, which will probably help you lose more. It might be that you're not eating enough!!
Looking at your diary that's a classic green day. You've only had one HE-B (bread) and I'm guessing your A choice was milk in your tea.

There are plenty of people here that don't go to class and do it alone. We can all give you lots of advice. You can do it from your old books and the magazines and with our help!


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Yes I reckon you'd be better off on Green, you probably haven't had enough and your body is holding on to what it's got for grim death! How many syns are you having? If you cut back on them it will hinder you too.
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Hi, I agree with above green days would be better for you and make sure you are eating enough and having your hex's as this can hinder weight loss if you don't. Drink at least 6 glasses of fluid a day too which will speed it up and try and have some ss foods in it, eggs are good for this if you eat them.

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