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Help needed please

I did ask in my diary but thought it better to ask in a new post. I hope thats ok.

I really do need help with one thing if anyone can help, My daughter wants help to slim down a bit, The doctor agreed yesterday it would help her if she joined me on ww, but i am doing the at home thingy, i have no idea what sort of points she would need,I did suggest we attend a meeting which she refused as she is embarresed. does anyone know how i would work out a points value for her, she is 12 yrs old weighs 12st 1.5 lbs and is just under 5ft tall. Thank you .

p.s i just rang ww who just told me to take her to a meeting with Gp's letter, i explained that she doesn't want to attend and they just said sorry can't help you then. :sigh:

Dizzymum x x x x
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im at work just now and dont know off hand, i will check my books tomorrow when i get hone and get back to you if nobody else has by that time x
Just looked up my book there - it says if you're under 16 that you will need to talk to a leader for guidance..
Could you not ring your local ww again and ask can you meet before the class starts or after it ends so your daughter won't be embarassed?
According to this site she should add two extra points because of her age.. she is in the 150 - 174 category which is normally 22 points so that means she should be on 24 points a day

does anyone have the weight watchers points list?

hth! x
Hiya, I have an older ww book. The one called the switch handbook. at the back there's a page headed personal points allowances for young people. It says that under 16s need more points because they're still growing, then there's a chart. so your daughter would need 25 points.

age girls boys
10 21 24
11 23 27
12 25 29
13 26 31
14 27 35
15 28 37

I'm sure this is an older book I have but if it was correct and good enough a couple of years ago I'm sure it wouldn't be far wrong now.

Hope this helps. x
Thanks for all your support and help, I will let you know how she gets on, she wants to weigh in same day as me so will let you all know in my diary how she gets on.

Dizzymum x x x
Hi, thank you millions Tiara maker, she will be very happy to know she can start ww now.

No problem. I remembered seeing it because I have an 11 year old daughter. She doesn't have a weight problem but she doesn't eat well. She'll pick at all the good stuff I give her then eat loads of biscuits or chocolate later. Although she's normal weight just now I worry that she'll put on weight later because of the way she eats.

Hope your daughter enjoys her new eating plan. I'm sure she'll do well. xxx

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