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Help! Night-times!


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Help! :wave_cry:

I'm having a bit of a problem with night-times. I'm a single mum, and my youngest (nearly 3) regularly is up in the night, with some medical issues, or just plain needing a wee! I often can't get back to sleep, and need a cup of tea/horlicks and a nibble to settle me (and in all honesty because I'm exhausted sometimes and sleep is impossible).

I've been trying to either save a HEA and a HEB for those moments, or some syns. The problem is the uncertainty. Recently though she has slept through several (hoorah), so I have failed on those days to have all my HEX or syns!

So I tried the other way, using all my HEX and syns before I went to bed - she woke up multiple times and I was all of a quandrary as to what to do, needing a cuppa and unable to sleep. So I began my day 'early' and had a HEA and a HEB from the day to come. This then left me feeling frustrated and restricted during the day (and straying a bit too close to losing it!)!

So when does a SW day begin (and end)? How can you spread everything out during the day (and night) fairly?
How can I sort out everything leaving me with the flexibility for a milky drink and nibble IF I need it in the night?

This is really starting to worry me, and becoming a danger area.

Any ideas gratefully recieved! TIA xx
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Instead of saving hexa/b could you have a choc milky drink (can't remember the manufacture) instead & just save a few syns or have some free food to hand, say tortilla, boiled potatoes (these are quiet comforting), boiled eggs, rice either sweet or savoury.

If it's pre-made & ready to eat you'll be up less time & poss sooner back to bed.

Hope that helps a little.:)
Hi There

I find boiled eggs really do the trick. I have a tendancy since starting SW of waking up in the night hungry or with a sweet tooth. I also like boiled baby salad potatos. I cook a small batch of both every few days and keep them in the fridge for when i need them.

I also like the toffee muller lights as they are free, nice and sweet and feel naughty when they are not.

Do you like fruit tea? Thats free and also really nice if you need a hot drink exspecially during the night?

Hope this helps xxx
I would personally try to stick to free food in the night so you dont have to worry about these issues ... I love bananas and banana muller lite on top , or salad , or make a SW quiche to keep in the fridge and pick at when needed .. super yummy :)


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I'd have a stack of free snacks (like the ones that others have suggested above) but save 4 syns a day for just in case you need a couple of drinks (Options 2 syns a time). If you don't need them that night you can carry the 4 syns over to the next day.


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Thanks for the advice! :)

I honestly don't ever feel like a salad, potatoes or egg in the night tbh - its always a milky drink with a ryvita or alpen light type thing, or even cereal.

I worry about too many of the free foods like Mullers and Bananas too - I like to enjoy those during the day!

I guess it's just a no-win situation - I'll have to carry on saving HEA and HEB and/or syns.

I hate not sleeping and confusing myself over what to eat and when. xx
For the hot drink, instead of using syns on options etc, how about just some warm milk with cinnamon and sweetners? Would that help?

For the 'nibbles', a packet of ryvita minis (either hexb or 5 syns) can be split up easily. If you don't want to use that many syns, if you have Alpen lights as your hexb, you could have one earlier (still saving one for the evenings), and cut up the other into four pieces. That way you could still have a nibble, without using up all of the hexb or syns. If you need to syn it, alpen lights are only 3 syns each.

Ooh, just remembered these....

[FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif][FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]Aldi Stores Be Light, Caramel Rice Slims, 100g pack 25g serving[/FONT][/FONT][FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif][FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]
[FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]
[FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]
5 Syns on Extra Easy
Original 5 Syns
Green 5 Syns

Each box has 4 25g packs. Each pack contains 10 rice slims (so 1/2 syn each). Maybe they would work for nibbles.

You could also use your 'syn day' as when your youngest goes to bed. So, for example, they go to bed, you start with 10-15 syns. If they get up in the night and you spend some syns, (eg. one alpen light and one options) in the morning when you wake up, you will have 5-10 syns left for the rest of the day. When they go to bed, you start your 'syn day' again. That way, if they don't wake up during the night, you have 10-15 syns when you wake up.



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Lonestitcher - you are a genius! What an inspired idea, having my syn day starting in the evening rather than the morning! I love it! :D

I shall try it out this week, starting now. Had no syns today, but 8 in the night last night. So at bedtime tonight, I will re-set my syns, and have a couple of alpen lights ready (I like the idea of cutting them too) plus an options, or ss milk which I shall syn rather than HEX. Then what ever is left over for tomorrow. Brilliant.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. You don't know how much that helps - it really makes sense and totally do-able. I will let you know how I get on. :) xx
I'm up a lot every night with my son who is autistic and doesn't sleep. My SW day starts when I would normally get up in the morning and ends when I would normally go to bed.
TBH I don't ever eat in the night and I take a flask with some tea upstairs with me or some squash in a bottle because we try to keep DS upstairs during the night even though he's awake because once he's downstairs he won't go back up.
Why don't you have your He's during the day and IF you need something in the night take it out of your next days syns, that way if you don't use them you've still got them left for day time. Make it a set number for the night time, say 5, enough for a hot drink and an Alpen bar or biccy?


is working hard.....
(I forget to say - I only do Green or Red as I simply can't get my head around EE!)

Last night was ok - I cut up my Alpen Lights into 4 and had 2 bits plus half a White Choc Options both times we were up. Managed to get back to sleep ok both times. Got up at 5am anyway so a good result all round.

Have synned it out of today's allowance, so feeling positive that I have found a solution.

Thanks all!

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