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Help - Pack Lunches for a School Girl


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Hi All,

I am posting on behalf of one of our new members. She is a school girl and is struggling to get away from pasta and couscous for lunch.

She does not have access to a microwave, fridge or kettle.

Any ideas are welcome as she is really struggling.

Thanks :)
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my friend used to have cold potato wedges-sounds gross to me but she liked it!

could she take a flask with either soup or hot water in it to have a mugshot or something similar?

salads are an obvious choice with the warmer weather coming up, just need to be careful dressings wise


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That must be so difficult because of not being able to keep things like yogurt/mayo/soft cheese etc in the fridge and not being able to warm anything up.
I agree with ninnins, maybe she could take something like a chicken salad and a banana? if not she could just decide to use up her HexB and take a sandwich using nimble/WW bread or a small roll/asda pitta? And then a piece of fruit and a packet of low syn crisps like french fries (4-4.5 syns) or a couple of snack-a-jacks?
The only other thing i can think of is again similar to ninnins idea: pre-cooked jacket potato cold with tuna or something.
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alot of schools now do baked potatoes on the menu, but how about the pasta quiche as it can be eaten cold.

i went recently on a bus to london for 9 hours, and took a salad with chicken in it, but had an icepack with me and it kept it cool for hours, bag was still cold when we got to croydon!

don't know how big her school bag is, but a lunch box with the re-usable icepacks in it would mean that yougurts would be able to travel

laura x
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What about the Asda Wholemeal pitta stuffed with something like chicken or tuna and salad (the tuna might make the pitta a bit soggy though).
A year or two ago, I bought a tiny little cool bag in Marks and Spencer that came with one of those freezer block thingys. It's just big enough to hold a small lunchbox and would probably fit in her school bag. Would be useful for yoghurts or salads for her.


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Thank you all so much for the ideas, I will pass them on.

If you think of any more, please post them :)
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cooked chicken drumsticks, slices of lean ham, crabsticks, a pot of savoury rice, potato & bacon salad? These are the sort of food i take on picnics whilst doing SW.
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What about sushi, you could make your own and it would be low syn.


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I often take cold batchelors savoury rice to work. They do different flavours, and you can add things like chopped salad, mixed beans or quorn sausages. Food flasks are good for taking sainsbury's veggie ravioli (no syns) or pasta mixed with veggie/tomato pasta sauce. Don't cook the pasta quite so long as it seems to carry on cooking a bit in the flask.
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I agree with those posters who suggest the mini cool bag and ice packs; I am often out and about at work all day and this keeps everything fresh till lunchtime even in a hot car.

Some food I take as well as couscous and pasta are cold quorn sausages with homemade syn-free salsa dip, boiled eggs, homemade three bean salad, wedges of spanish tortilla, potato salad, Asda pitta stuffed with homemade coleslaw/houmous (Hex B or synned) & roasted veg/ homemade spicy bean pate and salad etc. I also like to make SW rice pud and eat it cold! In the winter I make soups and take them in a flask - carrot and coriander, chunky vegetable, spicy lentil...the list is endless.

Another trick is to cook a little extra for the evening meal the night before and heat up some of this to take in a food flask; I tend to take things like quorn chilli, quorn jalfrezi curry, roast veg lasagne....whatever there is left over really.

As I'm a veggie, all of these are veggie/green day suggestiones, but I'm sure you could adapt them to the other plans.

Hope this helps!


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