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Help please - any advice on hair loss?


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Hoping for some advice & that someone else has gone through this ok. I've completed foundation & am on week 4 of RTM ( must admit to not being very strict but maintaining:D) Over the last few weeks I have been suffering from quite severe hair loss & thinning, it doesnt appear to be slowing down and its quite worrying now. Has anyone else been through this or odes anyone know if it will stop & more importantly will it grow back? Im going to see my GP who was great & positive about the diet for advice. Any advice would be appreciated.

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Hi Kik,.....no worries - it will stop.

Why it happens, is that when you are in Ketosis your body stops shedding hair. We normally lose hundreds of strands of hair a day!

When you start eating again, your body says, "Oh -cool - food. Now I can start functioning as I am meant to, and can use enregy to do my job" and so then, what you normally would have been shedding over these past weeks, all goes at once. THat is wjhy it seems so drastic and scary- but it does stop and it comes back just fine.

All mine is growing back, nearly completely now. There was nto much lost, and not enough to notice in any style I wore - but noticeable in the sink and tub. A bit worrying at first but once I understood why it was happening, I jt relaxed...and its all back. :)

hope that helps put your mind at ease. :)

It can be a bit distressing but it'll slow down and you'll go back to your usual levels of 'shedding'. And your hair will be back to it's usual thickness in no time.

I guess it's just a tiny price to pay for a few months but all will be back to normal very soon!!!


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Thanks for the replies - I hope it will stop soon, some people have noticed ! As long as it will grow back I can cope - it's fab to be slim but I want hair!!!:D
Hi Kik

I suffered with hair loss quite badly too, it was noticable particularly on the top and I understand how worried you are about it. I found it quite distressing....many other LL'ers I know lost hair but not to the extent that I did so I think it varies with how much you lose or even if you lose any at all.

The great news is that my hair is looking fine now, I have loads of re-growth that although is quite short at present it fills in the thin looking patch I had on the top nicely.

It will come back Kik and the loss should start to slow down soon. I started to lose mine whilst on abstinence around week 14 and the high amount of shedding continued for around 10 weeks (i was then in RTM)but by then I was noticing the regrowth coming through. If I pull my hair into a ponytail I can feel that it is definitely thinner now but to look at it looks fine.

I did do a couple of things to help although I'll never know if they helped or not, and they included taking a hair supplement called Nourkrin which was very pricey (around £90 for a 3 month supply) although you can by much cheaper hair, skin & nail supplements from Boots and also Health food shops such as Holland & Barrett have supplements they recommend and I also used a Wella Salon shampoo (brought from my local hair salon) for hair loss which is just a gentle shampoo I think and Wella also do a Hair loss tonic that you can rub into your scalp after washing to encourage hair growth ... again not sure how much use these have really been but I was worried about it and felt I needed to be "doing" something.

My doctor explained that doing abstinence really does put stress on the body and this can be the consequence ... it happens to when people have emotional stress in their lives too.

Although it was worrying at the time I can honestly say now that it was worth going through to be slim!

Keep your chin up Kik ...it will improve!

Take care