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Original help please, trying original as gained with extra easy

hope you can help, I'm now trying Original at my counsellors suggestion as when my weight loss slowed week 4 as I introduced more complex carbs, I was told to eat more and put on weight, so eat even more and STS.
However I'm a bit stuck for breakfast ideas as I'm gluten and wheat intolerant and just bored with bacon and eggs and salmon and scrambled eggs.
So any ideas please for variety would be a great help.
Also can anyone confirm that you can only have potatoes as jacket or boiled on original, so no lovely SW chips.
Not keen so far on original as you seem to have to weigh more things and the ease of extra easy really is what appeals about SW.
Still must persevere.
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Just doing it this time
you can have your pots any which way on red - but you use them as heb's? (I do red but don't have potatoes) or syn them I believe.

Good luck on red - I love red.


Just doing it this time
oh yes of course ! I do do SW spicey wedges with my pots - they're gorgeous.
Can I just asked why more complex carbs were introduced at week 4? You should be able to eat the same foods in week 1 that you can eat in week 4, so am just a little bit confused by that. Not sure if you had to do it this way because of your gluten intolerance.

I too am not keen on Original or Green for that matter. I do them occasionally when I want a extra HEa or HEb, but other than that I stick to EE.

Have you got a food diary you can post for the week you gained weight?? I am not saying your consultant is wrong, but it might help to advise you more, if you can get advice from a variety of people. Especially if you think you will struggle with Original.

I know on the days when I do original, I use things like butternut squash roasted or heaps of roasted veggies to substitute the lack of filling carbs in my meal.
Thanks so much for your replies.
Guess I'll have to try potato wedges with skins on rather than chips with my fish.
The reason I only introduced the pots and rice in wk 4 was because prior to starting SW I had been doing low carb and I thought too much too soon would overload my system. Then I was convinced by the counsellor that I ought to be including them to do food optimising properly and to speed up the stalling weight loss.
But I think I was just eating far too much as someone had suggested eating every 2 hours or so. I felt uncomortably full the whole time.
To post a food diary do I just type it in the message as I would a reply?
thanks for help
hmmmmm if you was doing low carb diet before, I think the fact you waited until week 4 to reintroduce the carbs is probably what caused your weight gain to be honest. I expect if you had of stuck to it, eventually you would of readjusted and the weight would start coming off. Anytime you change the type of diet your are on, it takes a while for your digestive system to get used to the foods you are eating.

Also if you felt uncomfortably full all the time, that suggests to me that you were perhaps eating because you felt you had to and not because you was actuallly hungry. Yes all the free food is unlimited on EE, but eat until satisfied and make sure all your meals include a 1/3 superfree where possible to avoid overindulging on proteins and carbs.

yep you can just paste your food diary in here or type it out as a reply.

I just get the impression you would rather do EE, which is why I am asking what it was that went wrong on the plan for you. Perhaps seeing your food diary might offer you some new advice where you can be happy and stay on it :).

thanks Allie, I'll have a go tomorrow posting that weeks food diary, as must dash off now.
Do you all faithfully always eat all the HE As and HE B s that you are supposed to every day? as sometimes I get to the end of the day and I haven't eaten them and don't really want them.
yep if you are doing EE you should have 1 HEa and 1HEb a day, as that is where you get your calcium and fibre from.

original and red are of course 2 HEa's and 2 HEb's although I don't think you have to have the 2 of each on those plans??? someone else will be able to confirm.

Some people argue that they eat a lot of fat free yoghurt (which is free) etc, so don't need their HEa , but although good for you, they are lacking some of the healthy fats that your diet needs. Which is why your Healthy Extras are advised and not optional.
. . . Guess I'll have to try potato wedges with skins on rather than chips with my fish.
. . . But I think I was just eating far too much as someone had suggested eating every 2 hours or so. I felt uncomortably full the whole time.
. . .

As long as you leave the skins on, it doesn't matter whether the potatoes are whole, in wedges, or in chips. It is the fibre from the skins that is important, not the shape.

I would feel full too if I ate every two hours - there is no need for you to do this if it doesn't suit you.
Thanks folks
going to try and keep with the red original for this week and just eat when I feel hungry and hope for the best.

If you gained weight when reintroducing carbs that could be because they also store water/glycogen. It's not bad, but its not a true weight gain either. It's the reverse of why you lose so much on a low carb diet - cutting the carbs means you lose a lot of water weight too. If your water levels have returned to their natural levels you should find you don't gain next week.

The reason why you didn't lose in the first place could be because you are not eating enough, especially it you ate avoiding carbs which are calorie dense.

It depends on your weight, height, activity level and age, but it is easy for me not to eat as much as I need on SW, and I eat quite a bit of carbs. There is a tendancy to always think you need to cut back, but if you are not losing because your body thinks its being starved, that's not going to help!

Post your diary so we can have a look and hopefully shed some light on it for you. There might be two different things going on here, which makes it confusing.

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