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Help please

I posted this in the recepies bit yesterday but nobody has replied so am posting down here, not sure if I should be I really would like to know thanks and sorry for being thick but I am new to this.

Firstly what is a brown day that I see posted on some recepies and also is there any recepies for extra easy as I am not sure where to look for them either. I find it quite hard to navigate the recepie forums but guess it is because I am so used to going in and finding chicken, beef, veg etc under seperate headings. Sorry again and thanks for any help on this. x:eek:
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Hi, I don't know what "brown" mean unless it is a reference to extra easy cause that is in a sort of gold colour book. As far as extra easy goes you can mix dishes from red and green plans - whichever sin value is lowest is the one you use, but you can only have 1x healthy extra A choice & B choice (milk & bread) on extra easy where as you get 2 of each on red or green. Hope that helps.
Yep I know we are only allowed one extra from a and b as a pose to being allowed 2 on red or green days but what I would love to know is when it comes to the recepies if they do extra easy specific ones that show how many syns it is on extra easy as if it had 2 extras in it then it would be diff syn value surely as they would be free on a red or green day but not on a extra easy.

Oh I am prob not explaining this very clear as I never do when trying to type, am much better speaking to somone. Might have to save this for Monday and ask the leader lol.
This extra easy thing seems to be so complicated! I think part of the problem is there is just so much info to get your head around!

Anyway I don't know if there are any specific recipes for extra easy but you can work it out 2 ways. You can look at the ingredients and their individual sin values - usually slimming world recipies use as many free foods as possible so there won't be many items to look at. Just remember if its free on red its free on easy and if its free on green its free on easy. If the item your looking at has a sin value on both red and green use whichever is the lowest value.

The other way to work it is to look at a recipe you fancy on red say a low fat bolognaise sauce, count the sins exactly as the recipe but instead of having to measure the pasta and count it as a healthy extra as you would on red you can have as much as you want cause its free. Or pick a green recipe - for example slimming world chips (which are free on green) and add a large grilled chicken breast (free on red) and some veg and you have a sin free extra easy meal without using any healthy extra's.

Does that help?

Also if you are eating out go for a carvery and you can have the meat, veg and boiled potatoes, just counting a few sins for gravy!

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