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Help re Activity Points in PP


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Wondered if anybody could help me out. Am following the ww pp plan but i run 3/4 times a week. One run is a long run and at the minute it is 7miles, next week 8 and over the next 6weeks it will increase by one mile every two weeks untill I am running 11miles once a week followed by my 3 shorter runs of 4,5 and 6miles.

Yesterday running 7miles burnt roughly 850calories. Tallying up what i ate i think my body really isnt having enough on the days i do run. Or am i being stupid here?

I know that weight loss can slow or stop if you are not eating enough and especially with exercising too.

So, just wondering really, in a long winded way how I go about working out activity points?
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as far as I understand it, you earn 1 activity point every 40 or 50 calories you burn, I've read it on the American WW website. However, you need to ensure you're indeed burning that amount as it would mean like 20 activity points per run. Why don't you buy yourself a WW pedometer? Put it on active when you start running so you will know by the end of your run how many points to add to your tracker? I think it's the safest option until you can't work it out yourself!


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wow that would be about another 16pps in a day! I struggle to eat 29pp as it is!! :eek: Will look into them pedometers, does it have to be a specific one? as i have a pedometer here but not sure if it tells calories etc
there's a weight watchers pedometer you can buy at meetings, at the WW website or at ebay... and it works out the points for you! I use it every day and it's really good. It establishes an amount of steps you HAVE to do every day to be healthy (for my height and weight for example it tells me to do 8170 steps) and until you don't reach THAT it doesn't count activity points for walking for you. After that, it counts propoints every 1500/2000 steps. On the plus side, it's also got an "active mode" that you can use when you run or do exercise, when you select that it would stop counting your steps and instead calculate calories burnt for the time you exercise on that program and tell you how many points you've earned. It's very handy and definitely something to invest on!


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Thanks Hun will look into it :)
Also if you track online you can change the settings so it uses up AP's before weeklies if you still don't want to break into them


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Im assuming activity points are to be eaten on the day of exercise otherwise you lose them?

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