Help, sabotaged my diet ;-(


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Knocked myself out of ketosis n completely broke my diet! Received some bad news this evening n what do I go and do???? Had big bar of chocolate n loads of choc biscuits n I feel so frigging rotten now! Y do bad news affect us in such bad ways??
Am so gutted!! Just cried buckets! God knows how long it'll take me to get back into ketosis now n it's 2nd weigh in on Saturday! That's no loss for me at all.
N I was doing so bloody well as well! Stupid ME!!!!
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Just get straight back into it. You might be lucky and get a loss but the main thing is to get back on the plan. I'm sorry you had bad news, I hope you're ok.


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Hey chick, hope your ok? Don`t be too hard on yourself, draw a line and carry on ok... we all do this its called emotional eating and thats why we are all here now, majority of us use food as comfort.....Babes listen, I am an emotional eater as well, your not alone and never will be... Love to you and cheer up.... remember draw a line underneath this tiny blip and move on, and DO NOT PUNISH yourself any further... xxx


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You've only sabotaged it if you don't get back on it! This is just a small blip and your lossess show you can beat this.

Don't be beating yourself up over one slip up. You can do it!


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It should only take you 3/4 days to get back into ketosis hun, and i'm sure if you calcualte how many calories you ate and then exercise to burn them you may get a loss on saturday =D and maybe you won't feel as bad either! just put it behind you, drink lots of water and get back on the shakes, Everyone has tough times, but as long as you get back on the plan you will only have delayed your journey a few days, and that isn't long at all in the bigger picture =D hope you're okay after that bad news hun xxx


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I wouldn't worry about it, we're only human. To be honest that's one thing I don't like about LT the guilt ou feel from eating this time round is alot worse than the guilt of eating before LT so don't beat your self up, and remember its up to you what you do. I'm sure u will still have a fab weight loss xx


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Hi all thank u so so much for being there for me and encouraging me, couldn't have hot back on track without all u lovely people! LT does make people become good friends n am so grateful for that.
My grandma has been poorly for a while n been diagnosed with heart failure n dementia :( hence the shock yesterday!
But t least we know now n we are adjusting to the news!
Dietwise, am back on 100% from this mornin, I checked my weight this am n still same, so hoping to lose a few lbs by Saturday! So am relieved about that. Hope ketosis kicks in soon n I can enjoy my weight loss again!
All u people are just simply fab, thank u all from bottom of my heart as I no if it were not for all of u, it would have been impossible to get back on track!
Much love to u all.


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Remember how you are feeling right now!!!! Hold onto it.... and get right back on.... and when your tempted remember!!! Maybe write down how horrid you feel.... and keep it to read when your tempted!!!

Turn this negative into a positive!!!



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I did the same today :-( Was doing so well.... and I didnt get out for my run!

Back on the wagon now and know that I prob wasnt drinking enough water!


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Awww sorry to hear of your sad news.
Dont beat yourself up over it,just move on,one shake at a time,everyone's entitled to blips x