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Help - surviving the school holidays!!


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Arrggggg, the summer holidays for the kids brings so much temptation for a stay at home mum! :family2::eek: My two have only been off since Thursday but already I've had the temptation of ice cream, chocolate, chips, pizza, full fat yoghurt, cookies and it's been SO hard to stick to plan - I've managed it but literally only just by the skin of my teeth! I don't want to make them go without (we are a little more relaxed during the holidays, normally in term time things are much healthier although I always make sure they get fruit and veg as well :)) but being surrounded by things I would usually have loved before and being out of my normal routine is HARD :(

Anyone else in the same situation who can offer me some tips? I've promised them we will bake their favourite biscuits tomorrow and it's going to be so hard not to have several like I usually would :cry:
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Hi Libyb,

I know how you feel, i'm the same - come the school holidays it all seems to go out the window.

My adivce to you is if you do baking with your children why dont you get them to bake SW friendly biscuits/cookies/cakes (hopefully they won't know they are SW friendly and you can still have a treat and not feel left out), make some ice lollies with no added sugar squash or even with yogurt, you can make pizzas by using a wholemeal pitta bread from co-op using it as a HEb and buy a bag of mini chocolate treats (various syn values) just for you.

What I am trying to say is be prepared.:cool:

Hope that helps.

Lyn xx
I posted something similar last week but I have decided to be prepared and still only buy SW friendly treats that we can all have whilst at home!!

Its going out that I struggle with!


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I am slowly getting my kids into the slimming world way lol. I have made a few SW puddingsthey like and have got them into alpen light bars instead of cookies! I am also quite mean an only get them ''treats'' i dont like..ha ha i'm EVIL! If they want a MC'd's as a treat then they have to go with daddy while i sit at home and sulk :( Its hard but manageable. I also dont have treats in the house, so we have to walk to the shop and they then choose one thing as a treat, i can resist and also get some exercise..win win x


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This weekend has been particularly hard for me. I dont work fridays but OH has been working all weekend. MY son who is 11 has been playing out all weekend so I have been stuck in the house and not able to go anywhere. There is only so much I can do before boredom sets in and then I end up eating anything and everything - even though I am not hungry.

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