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Help! This cant be right!!!

Started my diet on saturday and i'v been sooooooo good, havn't slipped up once(promise..check my food diary!!)
i put my start weight at 196lbs but it myt of been 1 or 2lbs more but i'v just weighed myself to see how i was doing and it said 204lbs!!!!:eek::mad: that MUST be wrong!! it is the time of the month but surely it can't make that much of a difference!! i'm defo not giving up, infact its made me want to work harder but this can't be right!! HELLPPP!
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its surprising how much fluid retention you can get when its TOTM but like Starlight says, keep the WI to same time, same place once a week. xx


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I think it's basically impossible to gain eight pounds in three days, so don't worry it's not right!

Did you weigh yourself at the same time as you did on Sat? For example if you weighed yourself first thing in the morning last time, and then straight after your main meal this time, that would make a huge difference. Combine that with TOTM and that's going to show up a pretty big 'gain' even if you haven't actually gained weight.


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Yeah what the others have said. What diet are you on? If you are doing your own it could be that some of the foods we think are healthy options have hidden nasties that can be diet wreckers! I believe that your 'gain' has more to do with it being mid week and TOTM than anything else though
My personal experience, yes TTOTM does make a difference. We're more prone to fluid retention, and our bodies DO make extra stores of food for a possible fetus. However, I think 8 lbs is a bit too much, so you might have weight in on TTOTM plus maybe after a meal or a snack? Mine usually ranges from 2-3 lbs.


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I think I read somewhere that your weight can fluctuate by 7lbs around your TOTM, so maybe it's just a lot of water. Are you drinking plenty?

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