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help with dieting, without exercise


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I'm losing weight calorie counting and I do little/no exercise. As for feeling hungry, make sure you eat fibre rich foods, and a piece of protein with each meal as that'll help you stay fuller for longer. Or eat smaller meals more regularly? Don't deny yourself anything or you'll end up binging on what you crave, and you'll give up. Try & avoid processed foods as they contain a lot of sodium and will bloat you. I'm sure there are some fitness experts on here that can recommend upper body exercises if you can do them? (light wieghts for toning etc.?)


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I would definitely reccomend cutting down on carbs as they give you the highs and lows and hunger pangs. I have really found eating protein and low-carb veggies like salad has really helped curb my hunger pangs. I didn't exercise at all in my first week of Regular W8 and lost 7lbs and I was amazed I didn't cave in.


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Depending on how much you have to lose, a Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD) such as Cambridge (CD) or Lighter Life (LL) might be something you could consider. You go into a state of ketosis so after the first few days you do not feel physical hunger. You also lose weight quicker on a VLCD than any other diet I know. xxx


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well i am in a wheelchair, if theres anyone else on here that is and have found a diet that works, then please share!!! due to my disability i cannot exercise, so im after a diet with no exercise, and also one that'll stop making me feel hungry. :cry: i cant cope no more, i just want a diet that works for me.
wannabslim is right when she says you will lose weight without exercise on one of the vlcd diets.

You will need to fill out a medical questionnaire before you start to make sure you have no medical problems that would prevent you from doing this type of diet.

You can expect to lose between 8 to 14 pounds a month...

Love Mini xxx
thanks so much everyone for the replies! i'll look more into what you've all said, and hopefully this will work better for me!!!

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