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Help with energy

I have my fourth weight in tomorrow. Am on SS and have been 100%.
I am feeling really, really drained this week.

I got in today from work and promptly fell asleep on the sofa. I'm struggling to concentrate at work as well.

I do feel better now I've had my final soup, in that I've woken up.

The problem is not in not eating, but in feeling so lethargic. Is there anything that I can do?

Am seeing CDC so might ask her about going onto AAM week and see if I feel any better.

I don't do a physical job, but I do need to be on the ball and it's seriously affecting me.

Anyone else felt like this?
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Anyone? 37 views and no replies. Beginning to wonder if I'm doing something wrong, as the last thread I started I got no replies to.

Perhaps this diet just naturally makes you sensitive...


is going to do this!
Anyone? 37 views and no replies. Beginning to wonder if I'm doing something wrong, as the last thread I started I got no replies to.

Perhaps this diet just naturally makes you sensitive...
Haha, I know what you mean there. No-one wants to join my Independence Day challenge but they don't mind reading it!

Are you getting enough sleep? and drinking enough water? Ketosis tends to make people feel energised so what you are feeling isn't right - however I did feel tired in the first week, although I'm OK now.

This is going to sound weird but you could try some gentle exercise, because this could wake you up. If you're really feeling run down, you could try stepping up to SS+ for a week and see how you feel. You could be coming down with something perhaps, there are loads of different possibilities but the best thing to do is speak to your CDc and see what he/she thinks.

If you continue to feel this way, you might want to try a different weight loss programme, as nothing is worth risking your health. Hope you feel better xxx
I've been feeling like this, but when I go to bed I cant sleep! I've started exercising which is helping to give me energy but I'm still tired enough to sleep x
I know the feeling- well both feelings, when no one replies to your thread, but also feeling pretty zapped myself. Interested to see if adding a meal works x


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hey hon
sorry I didn't reply sooner. I have been out I do try to reply to posts that I can help with if I know I cant sometimes I dont... its not for any other reason.

I often feel very tired too... are you drinking plenty of water.. I guess if we are not taken in as much food as we usually do it probably would make us feel more tired..

Sorry havent got any great answers but thought I would reply ..


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If it is affecting your concentration at work then I would suggest speaking with your CDC and perhaps going to SS+ for a bit. Today I tried to space out my meals more so I would have more at home this evening but I found it was really distracted at work, not hungry, just a bit vacant!

Is it near your TOTM? This time last week it was coming up to mine and I was struggling, felt very tired - I added an extra half shake or half a bar to get me through. But this week I feel 100% better.

I sometimes find myself falling asleep at about 8pm, other times I am wide awake and full of energy until midnight. I know I am in ketosis but the hyper feeling comes and goes and I put that down to my body needed more or less energy. You have had great losses and I would guess that your body has been working hard to get those and it could just be needing to catch up with itself.

Let us know how you get on with your CDC and what they say.

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I've been feeling like this 2 - I went to see my CDC last night and I've now moved up to SS+ for a week. Maybe this will help.
I work 4 12 hour shifs (2days then 2 nights) - I find that I want all my shakes in work to get me through - so I've just been splitting them instead..

Hope u feel better soon x

Thanks guys :) I think I was feeling sorry for myself earlier with the no reply thing!

Next time I see a thread with no replies I'll reply anyway and I'll join your challenge Luci!!!

Appreciate all of the supportive comments and nice to know that others are experiencing the same things.

CDC was really good this morning. She said that she would personally advise having an extra shake if I need it rather than have the small meal just in case it does make me get a taste for food. She said that it depends entirely on the person and that some will be sent off track by introducing food.

We agreed that I'll deal with each day depending on how I feel. I didn't want to commit to going SS+ for a whole week if I don't need to because I'd rather stay away from food if I can.

However, I am going to have my final shake at about 5pm before I leave work rather than 7:30 when OH eats. If at about 8pm I feel terrible then I'll probably go with a shake (or get an early night!)

I have been drinking the water and don't have TOTM (periods stopped on depo injection). Feel fab apart from tired, so don't think am coming down with anything.

Anyway, hopefully it will improve and knowing that I have a controlled way of dealing with it helps. I know I won't sway and cheat, but I also need to know I can have that extra shake if I'm feeling exhausted.

Right, off to look at Independence Day challenge now! :D xxx


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Glad you have had some good advice and your approach sounds sensible. I think we need to listen to our bodies as I am sure we are putting them under quite a bit of stress with this diet. Hope the changes work for you.

Did you weigh in today as well??
Thanks Wales. Yes, 3lbs off! Am pleased, but am aiming to get into the 12 stone somethings by May 16th, so need to drop 5lbs this week :O
Your losses have been fantastic. Bet you're really pleased :)


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3lbs is great and gives you great losses for 4 weeks. Am sure you will get to your target!

I am chuffed with my losses and I hope that they continue...

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