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Extra Easy help

I have been doing slimming world since march and have just lost a stone, but then put a pound and a half on.
i have decided to start extra easy from today, but am doing it at home so am a bit confused, can anyone help me please.

I know that you can only have 1 x A & 1 x B, but is the rest of the R & G free food both free?

Also it states that you should have a third of your plate as SS foods, how do you manage that, as not all recipies you can do this.

Someone please help as I am really stuck and need to get this weight shifted.
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I'd asked this and one suggestion was to have salad either first or on the side. Or depending on what you're cooking put extra veg in that - eg a chilli you could put carrots in. I'm still getting to grips with it.
If there is a recipe where you can't have a 1/3 superfree, then I would suggest making your recipe smaller by a 1/3, but eating maybe a fruit salad as dessert.

There is no point having your normal portion, then eating superfree food on top of it, so a suggestion would be to leave 1/3 of the plate empty in order to make up for it with fruit or maybe a side salad.

Hope this helps.


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I quite often have either a salad first, or fruit afterwards if I don't think my meal has contained enough of the superfree foods :) Or I'll sometimes have 1/4 or 1/2 a melon before my food so that I don't overeat! :) xxx
Hi Kazlet,
For extra easy it should be superfree foods (e.g. pretty much all fruit and veg excluding things like potatoes, peas, parsnips and sweetcorn) which cover 1/3 of your plate. The remaining 2/3 should be free on either red, green or both (like quorn / eggs). They don't have to be super speed foods that cover 1/3 plate, just super FREE.
My consultant also says that if you snack on free foods during the day you should stick to the 1/3 superfree principle (so if you snack on some meat, you should have some veg or fruit with it). She also suggests that superfree snacks are preferable.
Hope this helps :) x
Hey - Did u get the Extra Easy 7 days to success booklet its a perfect guide and u add your own super free foods

Some great advice here already - have a look at my food diary - I was on EE for two weeks and lost 8lb - I dont make EE complicated as I dont really think about to much for example

I know I can have 1 A and 1 B Healthy Extras

I mainly just add veg and salad to my main dish ..

If I have a omlette I add peppers, onion, mushrooms, ham- or I have a stir fry - Just now I had pasta tuna and a courgettes and a jacket potatoe..

You can have bacon and eggs and add tomatoes , beans, and mushrooms

You can have dishes where u dont add veg , fruit or salad for example cereal, spag hoops on brown toast ..

Hope I made sense think I have confused myself haha lol xxxx;)
Thanks for all your comments. I am doing the diet at home so am not going to a class. I have lost some weight doing red and green days, but not as fast as I would like, so I thought I would try the EE.

I get weighed on thursday after a week on EE, and I do feel like I have put weight on, although I have been sticking to it. My stomach is so bloated, do any of you get that?

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