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S: 15st4lb C: 11st6lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 27.5 Loss: 3st12lb(25.23%)
hi, im on day 7 and like you im not hungry but could eat anything! i hope it does pass, its hard work. i am cooking sunday dinner for the family, thats the worst time for me, cooking for the kids and hubby, oh well, no pain no gain xx


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I am wanting to know the same! I am day 3, not hungry really either - I get 'hungry' when I am due my next shake but its not like I used to be hungry for food iyswim... HOWEVER, this weekend I have missed food SO much.. everyone else has just had bacon and egg muffins and omg the smell was amazing. i could almost throw a bigtime child paddy and stamp my feet.. but then i Have nobody to blame but myself! :D
I find the diet ok, I feel ok, I like the shakes oddly enough but when everyone is sat eating it kills me! LOL! x


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How soon it will pass depends on your mindframe! Like u said your not hungry. It's a mental desire for food which you have control of. For as long as you think about food and don't change your attitude towards it then you will miss eating. For me, I have adopted a set of mantras to repeat in my head that remove my thoughts of food and defeat all the voices that may tell you to give up or that u will never succeed. I say 'I do not need food, food does not control me' and some other positive messages that help me to remove my desire for food. Dwelling on how much you miss food and thinking about it will not help you to fight through and stick at it. You need to GET RID of those thoughts, you do have control over your mind and removing those thoughts will train you to be able to remove those type of thoughts when you return to eating after LT.

It's not easy hun, if ur like me then you have probably been powerless over food and have perhaps eaten obsessively or compulsively. That basically makes it an addiction... Especially if you have been that way to fix feelings or for comfort. And that is incredibly difficult to get through. But know that you CAN do it and you CAN change your mentality so you no longer obsess about food.

wishing u lots of strength and positivity, keep it up. Nearly a whole week down! X


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Im on week 6 from tomorrow and for me the feeling of "hunger" comes and goes. If you are following 100% then you are not hungry ones ketosis kicks in from day 3 to 5. This is just the mind playing tricks and its a craving for food rather than hunger itself - you just need to push thru it and find what works for you to deal with it (I drink water).


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I'm on day 13 and the cravings come and go. I try to switch off and think about my ultimate goal. It's hard when I'm cooking for family. But it's a great feeling when I go to bed at night and know I have gotten thru another day on 100% TFR. I couldn't manage without this forum. Thanks everyone.

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